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Happy Valentines to all of you!!!

It’s raining here and Flyboy will be flying tonight but we do get to spend sometime together, and I’ll get to write. Sorry I didn’t post yesterday I was out with some old friends from Hawaii. They were having a “Martini Monday”. They had Chocolate Martini’s and while I love chocolate I don’t do martini’s so I had a rum and coke. But it was great catching up with friends and I can’t wait to do it again.

I also started a new workshop over at Savvy Authors so now I’m in two. I’m doing everything I can to help Legacy out and my other writing. I workshops have me doing a lot to make sure I have my POV’s in order and my submission package. My butt really needs to be on the ball from now on, therefore today I’m setting a goal to write at least 45 mins a day (this will include edits) and hopefully I’ll get more done.

This week I’ll add more recipes to the recipe page, some I’ve tried and something I want to try.

I’ll also be creating another sound bit from Legacy, this time it will be from chapter four. All the sound bits are from the house, and their supposed to be weary but my voice isn’t weary. I’ve been told I have a young sounding voice (on the phone) people have thought I was a kid in fact, so bear with me on the sound, if I can find a friend to or Flyboy to make it sound weary I will.

To all you wickedly awesome friends have a wicked 😉 Valentine’s Day and I’ll see you tomorrow.