Policies for Blog Post Requests

Book Reviews:

 We DO take review requests:  please send them to us by using the Book Review form on our website.  

  1. ARCs should be available no less than 7 days prior to a review request for posting.  All media kits need to be to us no later than 24 hours prior to the requested postdate. If these criteria are not met, we cannot promise a requested post date. If you want us to post our review on other formats, those need to be specified at the time of request for planning purposes.  
  2. We do not post reviews on other platforms except Netgalley until after our blog post has been run to ensure content originality.  
  3. If we Do Not Finish (DNF) a novel, we will not post a review on any site other than our own and will relay to the publisher or author this fact. Our reviews will not bash the book. We will say why we didn’t finish, but will discuss other readers that the book will be appropriate for.  

Book Content:  

If any of us feel the book content is not right for our site, we will let the author, publicity firm, or platform we received the ARC from know this and a review will not be posted on any platform.

Book Editing:

Many first time authors and ARCs have numerous errors in them. When they become an issue for reading, we will make every effort to contact the Author and let them know prior to posting our reviews. Our reviews will reflect content, not editing.  We may mention the editing is not great, but our review will reflect the content of the story.

Author Interviews and Introductions:

We accommodate requests for Author interviews:  Please fill out and submit the Author Interview or Author Introduction form.

  1. We can do audio interviews or written interviews
  2. Introductions will be written  
  3. All posting dates and required materials will be worked out once the type of interview and or introduction is determined
  4. It is not necessary for us to have read your works for either of these.

Links:  The links on our pages that take you to another site to purchase books or merchandise are often done through our affiliate programs with various vendors. By using these links and purchasing from them you help support our website so we can bring you our unique and original content. This will also help us expand our website to other areas such as merchandise with our unique logo.

Logo Use:  Our logo, and the name Wickedcoolflight, are registered products of our business and cannot be used in any capacity without express permission from our company. If you have questions about this, please contact us at wickedcoolflight@gmail.com