About Us


Flight Log

Jun 2010 – Wickedcoolflight Author Blog started by founding member Teresa Crumpton

Purpose:  As a new author in graduate school Teresa felt it would be a good way to begin getting her name and written works known to help propel her career as a published author forward.

Results:  Founded blog, began writing reviews of books and other day-to-day activities.

What’s in a Name

“Wicked Cool” was quite popular in Teresa’s speech after reading Annetta Blair’s novel The Kitchen Witch and being told she has a “wicked” laugh.  The “flight” part came from her husband’s flight status. It was to be a blend of their chosen careers. As the blog developed, the statement couldn’t be a better fit for the rest of the flight crew.  They were all a part of aviation and each had something “wicked cool” of their own to claim:  Fly Girl-“Wicked Cool” under pressure, NICUNurse-“Wicked Cool” Mom.  

Apr 2016 – Fly Girl joins the crew

Purpose:  After a girl’s week at Romantic Times Convention 2016 in Las Vegas Teresa convinces Fly Girl to join her crew writing for the blog. The idea was to give Teresa more time to write and boost her exposure on Social Media to help with the sale of her first published book and open up her writing career more.  

Results:  The blog became more than one author’s dream, but began to make other authors’ dreams come true by exposing them to more people via social media. The blog began opening up the genres previously read and added regency romance, more indie authors, shapeshifter, and young adult fantasy to the mix. The blog became solely about books and left the day-to-day trials and tribulations to the wayside.  

Oct 2016 – NICUNurse joins the crew

Purpose:  At RT, Teresa and Fly Girl discovered there were way too many books for just the two of them. During that convention, they received a book in the Christian Erotica genre and decided it would be fun to find someone with religious experience to read it and give an honest review. NICUNurse was the one to come to mind. She was excited to take on the task and after much discussion came up with a call sign for her, and she wrote her first review.  

Results:  The bonds of true friendship can be worth “1,000 words.”  There is always a laugh when realizing how we all came together over a book. This friendship blossomed into something much bigger than a bond over the blog, so much so Fly Girl and Teresa thought perhaps the three of them could make a go of a business.  

Jun 2017 – Wickedcoolflight LLC was born

Purpose:  Join forces, support one another, make some money to help each other in times of need, and share in the joys of honest reviews of books we all love.

Result:  What you see today. An honest, diverse, book blog.   

Our Beliefs

  1. Loyalty:  We are each loyal to our families first and our partners second.
  2. Integrity:  We will always be honest and unbiased, with ourselves, each other, and our blog passengers and supporters.
  3. Respect and Support:  We respect ourselves and each other while supporting our business partners, writers, and passengers.   
  4. Military service will always be the beating heart of our blog. Teresa’s a military spouse with a husband in aviation. She spends numerous days each year alone and knows the support of family, friends, and fellow spouses is crucial to keeping the home fires burning. Fly Girl is both a military spouse and retired aviator who understands Teresa’s and other military spouses’ issues and needs well. NICUNurse is a military spouse who has raised three beautiful children alone during many deployments during their toddler years and couldn’t have done such a wonderful job without the help of family, friends, and fellow spouses. With this experience we will always work with military spouses, retired, active duty, guard and reservists to make their dreams come true in the published world.