Fly Girl –

Where to begin?  I avidly started reading romance novels when I was 12. My Aunt got me into them, and I read everything from Harlequin 2 hour novels to 500 page epics from the greats like Johanna Lindsay, Rosemary Rodgers and others.  I could never get enough.  In my heyday, I’d say I read 4-8 books a week.  When I went to college I started to expand my horizons and began reading suspense thriller.  It wasn’t until much later that I got into paranormal, science fiction, and young adult.  But through my reader evolution, romance has always been the main theme.  So if you are expecting self-help, war books, and other often not named book reviews, my posts will rarely stimulate your reading radar.  I do read some of these from time to time, but my mainstay is always connected to romance. 

My life experience has shaped the books that catch my attention.  For instance I’ve traveled all around the world, quite literally during my Air Force career, so I don’t read much contemporary fiction since I want to be surprised by the book, I don’t want to think to myself, “I’ve been there and that isn’t how it really is.”  It just saves me so much critical thinking if I stay away from that.  Every now and then my BFF gets me to reading 1 or 2 books in that class, but again, seldom. 

So where am I now?  I’m semi-retired in the Roanoke Valley of Virginia.  Born and raised on the West coast, I’ve never lived further than Oklahoma in the US, so this has been an exciting change.  One I truly love.  I live with my Father, Husband, and 4 dogs right now.  No kids.  I’d say my husband and I qualify for DINK (Dual Income, No Kids) status. 

As I take this blogging review journey, I hope I encourage some of you to try something you haven’t read and entertain you with my sparkling wit and ever so old fashioned references.