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Harmony Black by Craig Schaefer

                I got this as a freebie from my Kindle Unlimited Subscription so I got to read it before it came out.  I have to say it was entertaining, but not fabulous.  It kept my attention and was a quick read.  I think I read it in maybe 6-8 hours total.  The story line is inventive, but his prose lacks a little sophistication.  This is book one in his new series. 

                This takes place on modern day earth but weaves in an element of magic on earth and otherworldly skills for humans, or otherworldly creatures disguised as humans.   As a first book in the series, it shows the team development of an off the books FBI team that is comprised of a witch (the main character), a computer geek, a psychiatrist, and a human with otherworldly powers.  The team is put on the case of the “Boogey Man” which happens to be the creature that took the main characters sister when she was a baby. There are the locals that the team tries to keep their secrets from, but in the end the team must rely on the locals for help taking the creature down. 

                The main character discovers in her, the cause of her reclusiveness and her ability to change and accept the path life has chosen for her.  She makes peace with her “demons” and leaves this book with a good sense of purpose and the ability to let others into her life.  There are some very good fight scenes between the demons and the humans as well as some mystery about who created the “Boogey Man” that makes it entertaining and engrossing.  The discovery of who created the “Boogey Man” and why is accomplished with brains rather than brawny which suits the characters well in the story.

                As I said my reading always has a romance theme, and even this one has a very small romantic element that comes to fruition late in the novel.  Schaefer has a great ability to make you understand what each person feels in their moments of fear.  There isn’t a happy ending for everyone, but they all do have some conflict resolution and it alludes to the next book’s story.  I would recommend this book if you want to feel good at the end.  He takes you down the path to enlightenment and acceptance of our inner faults.  He shows us that life isn’t always happy, but it continues to move forward with hope.

– Fly Girl