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Today while at a doctors appointment I did some research. With the help of this research I’m working out kinks in Legacy and the books that follow it. I  bought this new book the other day so I haven’t been able to look through it.  Today however had time. I have a book similar to this tour book but this one has more info. I think I’m getting better info from what I’ve seen. Both books are on Boston which is the setting of Legacy and those that come in the series.  From the little info that I looked at today I have a better grasp of little tidbits that will make the story more realistic.  After just skimming over two chapters I have an idea of thing I can add.

The first one I bought in HI and their bookstores didn’t have many. Not that Charleston has too many more but I’m excited about this one.  I still need to read more but I’ll be adding new information as I go.

Okay I’m not sure what else I need to write I wrote this post once but my phone had issues. I can’t remember what I wrote. It had been longer.

The tablet is about to die so have a great weekend I’ll see you next week.