Love Evoking the Deep’s words.

Evoking the Deep

I wake up cold and sweaty
with a feeling that I need you
I only wish that I was holding you
and showing all my love is true

Yes I do
need you

I’m getting tired of this distance
without you here I can’t be me
In my prayers I’m always wishing
for an end to all this mystery

Can’t you see?
I’m not complete

I’m walking in the cold snow
one set of footprints, not enough
Looking back, I want to see you
and I’ll wait for you to catch up

Is that too much?
More than a crush

I want to feel you on my shoulders
as this eagle soars above tonight
We can cross the sea together
I’ll protect your heart, my fragile butterfly

Look into my eyes
I’ll melt the ice

This distance has to end soon
and this warrior needs a new start
I promise…

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