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The magic that created us, sustains us, is just about dead here on earth.  Our lives, mere blips in time and on the edge of extinction. We are werewolves. And I can’t help but feel our doom is meant to be.

Mother is to blame for this. She kept the secrets. And now her secrets will either be our resurrection or our annihilation.

Will I fight for life or death? For good or for evil? For humanity or the other side?

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**Cait Sidhe’s Review**

A cold night. A frozen river. A night sharing warmth — and more — with a handsome stranger. There’s no time wasted jumping into Glory’s story…or her pants for that matter! We see way more of Glory than I expected to at first.  The first four chapters focus on this incident and the stranger. The sex scenes are awkward and unnecessarily detailed IMO. (Liquid sliding out? UTI pillow talk? Ick.) At this point, I was really hoping that Glory Reborn wasn’t going to be one of those books with all style and no substance.

Trust me, I know that part of this is my own shortcomings as a reader. I’m used to the strong heroines of urban fantasy.  I want more action with my romance on the side, at least when it comes to paranormal stories. I want a romance that will stand up and fight with its last dying breath. I like my PNR to have teeth and so far Glory Reborn was just gumming me to death. 

It might be obvious to you now that in the beginning, I didn’t care for Glory at all. Her circumstances have created her though so I can’t really fault her for that. Raised by a mother who was more interested in power than her own daughters, Glory is a product of her environment. She has no recourse but to marry a man that will take care of her, in spite of the fact that she doesn’t love him or him, her. It’s a marriage of convenience and she is only trying to be the Stepford wife that she signed up to be.  When she collides with the man that she shared that night with so long ago, not as a human as he was then, but now a shifter and a lone wolf — a power in his own rights, Glory is understandably dazed. At this point, we only know that there are werewolves; We’ve yet to actually even see one!

Thankfully, Glory Reborn refocuses its attention back on the paranormal.  And this my friends, is where it gets good. We find out that Glory is a complete badass — a beserker; an unknown beast of power. Indestructible. As she learns that she is part of something much bigger, a war between “good” and “evil” and she must stand up for what is right, Glory chooses herself. I didn’t just like Glory then. I freaking loved her!  She even runs with the Wild Hunt. THE. WILD. HUNT. And I adored this version of the Hunt: wolves, zombies, demons, vampires, Death personified riding an eight-legged horse! The last little bit of Glory Reborn went a long way towards fulfilling the bloodthirsty side of me.  It was such a Jekyll/Hyde switch. I don’t know how I could be so “bleh” about the first half of a book and be so “AHHH!” about the last quarter but there you have it. There are secrets and I want to know them all! Portals. Prophecies. Strange beings. Even the so-called romance that I found so repugnant in the beginning suddenly found new life. 

I am Shiva. His destruction is my purpose. It’s balance. And I revel in it.

Dang, Glory! I don’t know if it was just the night and day attitude adjustment, but this is not character growth. This is throwing that character in a bin, pouring on gasoline and lighting the match! The writing even feels different in the second half. Maybe the author was just finding her strides in a new series, but if the next book in the series, Guarding Justice, follows in the same vein, then I, for one, am here for it.

This one was a hard one to rate so to be fair, I assigned a rating to each quarter. (Yes, I’m OCD and a Libra). In the end, I gave Glory Reborn 3.25 out of 5 propellers.

About the Author

SherryA few years ago Sherry had an epiphany. Life is what you make it- and she was ready to make it HERS. So, she grabbed the bull by the horns and quit her job at a tech startup to pursue personal passions and adventure dreams. She successfully taught herself graphic design. She hiked 558 miles through southern California on the Pacific Crest Trail. And she wrote some books. She’ll keep courageously jumping full force into life regardless of the success or failure of her dreams, with her husband of ten years and her morkie, Petey, by her side.

She hopes to fund her adventure dreams with profits from her nature photography and art pursuits. You can purchase her prints and art at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/wyldefoxdesignlab

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