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Opposites attract…but can they last forever? 🔥
Trey by Christie Ridgway is available now!


About the Book

As the oldest of the wealthy and well-connected Blackthornes, Trey always puts family first. To end his parents’ separation, he heads to France, only to find that Paris has much more to offer than one missing mother. But Trey’s not the sort to slow down even when a beautiful and free-spirited American volunteers to play tour guide.

Mia Thomas won’t take no for an answer, however, and soon Trey is questioning his all work, no play, and no commitment lifestyle. Then a family secret is revealed, and he must once and for all decide the kind of man he truly wants to be.


NICUnurse’s Review of Trey by Christie Ridgway

We finally reach the conclusion to the 7 Brides for 7 Blackthornes. And what an adventure this series has taken us on! While this book could be read as a standalone, you really do need to read the series in order so that you don’t miss all the little breadcrumbs each author drops that lead to the big reveal in this book. And it was NOT what I was expecting. But honestly, I really hadn’t decided what I expected the big secret to be. So many options, but this one didn’t cross my mind at all. Curious to know what it is?! Dive into the series today!

NICUnurse’s Rating: Finally. FINALLY! Graham got his head out of his butt and pursued his wife. About darn time, dude! I still want to smack him Gibbs style just for the fact that it took him so long to finally man up. But at least he did. And I think of all the characters, Trey and Mia are my favorite couple. And who doesn’t love a love story that takes place in Paris?! Both characters are reeling from huge emotional blows, but somehow are able to pick each other up and heal each other’s wounds. I give Trey by Christie Ridgway 4.5 out of 5 propellers!

And as a whole, I give the 7 Brides for 7 Blackthornes series 4.5 out of 5 propellers, as well. It was very entertaining, and  I loved how each author kept their voice but was able to blend into the series seamlessly. I also admired how well each author took a unique brick to build the Blackthorne world from different perspectives, yet kept it flowing well throughout the series. The entire series is well worth your investment of time and money, so why not jump in right now?!


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About the Series


Meet the Blackthorne men, each one as hot, fast, and smooth as the whisky that built the family fortune, and yachts and race cars that bear their name. From proud Scottish stock, Blackthornes never lose. But, one by one, the seven sexy men in this family are about to risk everything when they fall for strong and beautiful women who test their mettle in life…and love.
Don’t miss these sexy, heartwarming, emotion-filled books by seven bestselling authors: Barbara Freethy, Julia London, Lynn Raye Harris, Cristin Harber, Roxanne St. Claire, Christie Ridgway, and Samantha Chase. Check out every book in the series!


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About the Author


Christie Ridgway is a California native and author of over forty-five contemporary romances. A six-time RITA finalist and USA Today bestselling author, she writes sexy, emotional reads starring determined heroines and the men who can’t help but love them. She has a Career Achievement award from RT Book Reviews and twice has received their Reviewer’s Choice award for best contemporary romance of the year. Married to her college sweetheart, Christie lives in Southern California in a house filled with boys and pets. She writes as an escape from sports equipment, football on TV, and dog hair.


Author Links:
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChristieRidgway/
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