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I’m a bit late posting this, it should have when out last Wednesday but it’s been a little crazy here.

So five fears, I really have to think about this because… One of the fears is that my family won’t like my writing. Since I took family lore and changed it into what Legacy has become this is a huge concern for me.

I don’t know if I’d truly say I fear spiders but I do have a strong dislike and don’t want them near me. Granted this stems from my childhood… (yes mom I’m throwing you under the bus for the spiders). FB_IMG_1452123121235

Another fear is that my husband will go to work one day and he won’t come home. I’ll be hundreds of miles away from family when two men come knocking on my door.

Number four would be being those hundreds of miles away and not being able to get to a family member if they were in an accident or dying.

And last but not least not getting to do everything I want… i.e. travel more, write.