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Meet DH Arthur


DH is the author of two books in the Red Bottoms Espresso series, Hannah’s Training, and Hannah’s Submission.  He also shares as blog with his wife, where his blog post How To Spank Your Wife has garnered nearly 100K views.  DH lives with his wife and two girls near Seattle, Washington, where he enjoys camping, hiking, and spending time outdoors in the Pacific Northwest.

DH talks about his books!! 🙂

Hi, DH here!  When Teresa asked me if I wanted to be featured on her Author Spotlight, I was very flattered, and realized I had an opportunity to write a “forward” for my work that explains a little of the backstory of the characters, and what my first book series is all about.Thank you, Teresa!  Here’s some information just for your readers that hasn’t been published anywhere else.

I got the idea for my book series, Red Bottoms Espresso from a rather unique type of coffee stand that exists in Seattle, and few other places in the world: “Bikini” espresso stands, where the girls serve coffee in their underwear.  This type of stand is easy to spot as they are typically adorned with graphics of a woman in a bikini, and have names like, “Love You A Latte Time,” or “Naked Espresso.”  The customer for these stands is always a guy in a truck.  OK, sometimes a guy in a car, but most of the time it’s a large pickup that’s probably heading to or from a job site.

My beautiful wife and I started practicing our own form of domestic discipline, based on “that thing we do” several years ago.  I became a writer during that time, and started writing spanking stories.  I was fascinated by how much we changed as a couple, and as individuals, all because she was submitting to me as her man, and I was giving her hard, bare-bottomed spankings, and not just with my hand, either!  It made me start thinking – could a “real life” character use spanking in the workplace?  Granted, a bikini espresso stand isn’t a typical workplace, but such establishments thrive in abundance where we live, so it wasn’t too much of a stretch to think of a Dom as an owner who added the twist of freshly spanked bottoms to the bikini barista equation.

Dan is the owner of the business that Hannah comes to work for, and he spanks her (and the other female employees that work there) regularly.  But his interest isn’t erotic or prurient.  He really believes that young women need discipline in their lives to avoid making bad choices, or being in situations that are dangerous.  He thinks that providing regular correction can help girls establish good habits and lead to better lives.  He takes his self-appointed role as “Daddy” very seriously.

Red Bottoms Espresso: Hannah’s Training

image (2)As a child of the Great Recession, Hannah has known a hard life. A high school dropout at 18, she’s desperate to find work when an online ad catches her eye for an unusual employment opportunity. Daring to respond, she discovers that the job is working in a “bikini” coffee stand as a sexy barista.

Hannah quickly learns that her new employer is serious about the name of his coffee stand, Red Bottoms Espresso – he regularly spanks the girls before their shifts! Hannah is shocked to discover that he expects her to call him Daddy, and that the spankings are real.

Dan is skeptical that his new recruit will make it though the training period to become a barista. He needs to find out if she is a true submissive, as that’s the only way she will be happy working for the unapologetically dominant male he is. To find out the truth of Hannah’s disposition, he applies the only tools he knows to perform the job: Frequent, hard spankings.

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Red Bottoms Espresso: Hannah’s Submissionimage (3)

Hannah enjoys working as a “bikini barista” at Red Bottoms Espresso for Daddy, and has quickly become a favorite for many of the male customers. She loves the positive attention she receives from the men who frequent the coffee stand. One man in particular sets off flocks of butterflies in her stomach whenever she thinks his name: Mike. He’s the only other man to work for Daddy, and helps construct the buildings Daddy sells to other entrepreneurs in need of the best custom coffee stands money can buy. Hannah has never met a man like Mike, whose sparkling green eyes drew her in when he greeted her.

Hannah has consented to frequent spankings, and she has tried to please Daddy by being a good girl. But she has kept a secret from him, a secret that would surely change his opinion of her, or worse, get her fired. She’s done everything she can to hide it, as revealing the truth would invade a place in her life where no one is welcome. Can she surrender this last, precious piece of herself to Daddy, and accept submission?