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Spencer Grayson’s structured world is collapsing. The surrogate he hired to carry his and his late wife’s child has gone missing and the wrong woman is inseminated. There weren’t supposed to be loose ends in this transaction, but it’s turning into a zero-sum game he can’t afford to lose.

Artist Winter Alexander has painted a perfect picture for her life. But when a routine procedure results in an accidental pregnancy, the realistic portrait she painted turns surreal. It’s an error she can’t brush away with a tube of titanium-white, no matter how much she might want to. Especially not when the Grayson is determined she become his substitute surrogate.

To Grayson, Winter is an abstract piece, a collection of soulful shapes and swirls he’s hopelessly mesmerized by. One he wouldn’t have envisioned in his life before. Winter finds Grayson controlling at first, but beneath those cold eyes lies a longing, a torch of desire and vulnerability that makes her agree to things she’d never considered.

They embark on a 40-week journey in the name of a child, navigating through a sea of self-doubt, conflicting emotions and rising feelings. When these nine months are over, will Grayson be able to convince Winter to make him and the baby part of her picture-perfect landscape? What happens next is something neither of them sees coming.

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Exclusive Excerpt


My office phone buzzes, snatching me out of my thoughts. The digital clock is blinking with the time. It’s ten o’clock.


“Mr. Grayson?” Sandra calls out. “Miss Alexander is here to see you.”


Teaser 2My chest tightens a little and I wish I had five more minutes. There’s a quick knock and Elias steps inside.

His expression is as bland as the tan color of his suit. “Are you ready?”

Goddamn it, no.

I’m caught off guard like an amateur but I shove it into the mental vault along with Astrid, my anger at Alice, and my fear that this woman won’t agree to carry my embryo to term.

I get up from my chair and take a breath. I tell myself this is nothing but a transaction right now and no one is as good at closing a business deal as I am.

Footsteps tap against the marble floor and Elias opens the door fully.

“Miss Alexander, nice to see you again,” he says, as affable as I’ve heard him. His words ring as genuine as a Dollar Tree diamond.

“Thank you. I’m sorry about yesterday.” The rasp in her voice is the first thing I get to know about her. There’s a smoky quality to it, like it’s been stored in a barrel and aged. It’s at odds with the photos I’ve been studying since yesterday. No one with a pronounced dimple in her cheek should have a voice that deep.

Teaser 1 (1)And then the teacher comes to view, hair pulled back, eyes wide and the politest smile I’ve ever seen. It spreads across her lips and stops firm on her cheekbones. She stands at my office door and her amber gaze missiles to mine. Like I’m exactly where she thought I would be and I am exactly who she expected me to be.

I’m a pretty good judge of people. I’m willing to bet money she’s already made up her mind about me. Too bad. I still don’t know what to make of her.

I take her all in, glossing past the shapely legs in worn leather boots, the curves hugged snuggly in her dark-gray dress, and the swelling breasts pushing against the top. Are they the result of the pregnancy or have they always been that full? I dump away the thoughts that won’t do any of us any good and zero in on her sharp, like eagle on prey, eyes.

She scans me too, never moving past my face but somehow making me feel like she sees me. All of me. All at once.

She Googled me. It’s in the narrowing of her eyes and the tight line spreading flat across her plump lips. As if she’s not surprised by what she sees and knows all she needs to.

So, I smile at her like I would with a reluctant seller. Because for the first time in a very long time, I’m at a disadvantage.

I need someone. I need this woman. I need her womb and her body. Not in the way I normally would. I don’t want to twist her luscious body into a pretzel and pound her with my cock for one night until she’s biting those lips and arching her back.

Not this time. I need more from this teacher than moans and her fingers squeezing at my back or tangling on the sheets as she begs me to go harder or faster.

I need her to grow my child inside her, to nurture and nourish him with her body. I’m prepared to give her what she wants. Money is no object but the still, small voice screams that it’s going to take a lot more than that. And though I believe in my initial hunches, I don’t care because either way it is going to happen.

Teaser 4I need this child. For Astrid and for myself.

“Come in, please.” I signal to the chair and extend my hand.

She walks in the room and takes my hand in her smaller one. I expected softer skin and her nails are uneven, like she’s been chewing on them.

“Winter,” she says and when she takes the chair across from mine, I catch a whiff of soothing fruit, maybe grapefruit and peppermint. It’s not overwhelming but understandable in her condition.

“It’s nice to meet you. I wish it were under different circumstances.”

Now why the hell did I say that? And why did my voice deepen like I meant it?

BlueSeal’s Review Of The Winter of My Love

The title of the book might be The Winter Of My Love but J. L. Lora’s book is anything but cold. Mix together the suspense as well as the chemistry between Winter and Grayson and you get a steamy, hot book! Get out your coffee or mulled wine and some cozy socks. Let’s talk about J. L. Lora’s newest book in the A Love For All Seasons Series…The Winter Of My Love.

Imagine these scenarios if you will. 1. A woman goes to the gynecologist for to get an IUD and ends with with getting inseminated with some stranger’s sperm. 2. A widower hires a surrogate to carry his and his late wife’s embryo only to find the surrogate missing along with the embryo. Let’s add in a doctor committing suicide, money-hungry relatives, and slimy attorneys and what you get is the story line of a Lifetime movie. 

Spencer Grayson has met his match with Winter Alexander. His baby might be making her violently sick but she is anything but weak. After Winter’s childhood, she will not condemn a child to the life of coldness that she sees in Grayson. In order for Grayson to convince Winter to carry his baby to term, he is going to have to show Winter a different side of himself.

Ladies, you are going to fall in love, maybe a little lust too, for Spencer Grayson. Not only is he a self-made billionaire, he’s a good man. A man who follows through with promises. A man who is naturally dominant but also gentle and loving. Winter, Winter, Winter. She could easily be a victim to her upbringing and in one particular way, she is. Winter is a fighter. She’s determined to stand on her own two feet. She’s loyal but she’s also scared. Scared that she will turn out like her mother.

I highly recommend J. L. Lora’s The Winter Of My Love and give it 5 out of 5 propellers.

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L. Lora is a Dominican-American author. Her stories explore the dark side of good characters, people living in the gray areas of life while playing the cards life has dealt them. She loves strong heroines and their equally powerful Men. She currently lives in Maryland, pursuing her dream of writing compelling, sexy, can’t-put-down stories about empowered, badass alpha heroines and take-your-breath-away alpha heroes.

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