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BAKEBook 4 in the One of the Boys Series

Calla Bond and the staff of Belladonna cordially invite you to the New Year’s Eve event of the season. As things have simmered in the kitchen, Belladonna is now the must-experience spot in Austin, and this New Year’s Eve party is one not to miss!

Together with their favorite seven-year-old, the entire Belladonna team has whipped up special tasting and libation menus sure to make all mouths happy. Join us for a magical night as we ring in the New Year with joy, laughter, deliciousness, a champagne toast, and a midnight kiss theme!


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BAKE_TEASER_4NYEKisses_NowLive(1)Join 11 best selling authors in celebrating the best way to start the new year: with a kiss!

Each book will be a separate release and will feature a NYE Kiss.

Each book in the collection is a STANDALONE.  PREORDER HERE!!


Shantel TessierTracie DouglasSonya JesusMayra Statham

Winter TraversGeri GlennTeresa CrumptonMelanie Codina

Lisa B KampsFelicia Fox / Kristen Hope Mazzola

Fly Girl’s Biased Review:

Ooh, this series gets better and better.  So we’ve seen Calla and Wes, Forrest and Jax, now it’s time to discover Rex’s true love.  Things are heating up in Teresa’s latest novella where she introduces us to the next romance story centered around the Belladonna restaurant owners and friends.  Can’t wait to see how this one turns out.  But unfortunately we will have to wait, we just get the first kiss in this book, so stay tuned for more.  And of course this is why I can only give it a 4 of 5 because you guys know how much I hate cliffhangers and there is no HEA.

I think she does this just to string me along and keep me reading her works.  I guess she hasn’t figured out I’ll read everything she writes because A.  It’s good, and B.  She is my BFF.  But seriously, this one has a very good build up to the last chapter and we get to see how much little Ella is going to drive a lot of her stories in this series.  The menu Teresa creates for this event is spectacular, now if I can get her to cook it for me.  OOH, I have an idea, maybe we need to do a cookbook at the end of the series with all our favorite drinks and food from each book.

Back to the book though, she does a good job showing how much all the characters love and want to protect Ella as well as how the ones enjoying good relationships are trying to get all the rest to their HEAs.  You get a hint of where this is going with several characters and that glimpse is enough to make you anxiously await the next story.  So, here’s to a new contemporary romance from Teresa and an elegant start to the new year; Cheers to 2019!!!

4 of 5 Propellers

The One of the Boys Series

Donut Leave Me / Calla’s Kitchen / Bearded Dessert



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Teresa Crumpton is a hybrid: she grew up in the Midwest and the American South. She writes dark supernatural thrillers and contemporary romance. She loves classic horror movies and Shakespeare. She never thought she’d turn her passion for writing into a career, but here she is!
When Teresa isn’t writing, you can find her at book signings or traveling the world with the perfect man for her. She’s living the dream and keeping a promise she made to her father before he passed.