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A man who lives by his oath.

Webb Worthington is a member of an elite brotherhood that is one of the world’s deadliest warriors. For him, life is black and white. Controlling chaos is in his blood. Loyalty is his creed.

A woman who lives to dream.

Athena Bridges wants to experience life to its fullest – make friends, create new memories, and just have fun. For her, life is a prism of colors. Rules exist to be broken. Taking chances is her doctrine.

When danger arises, these polar opposites find themselves standing on shaky ground – one that will test just how far they will go to fight for what they believe in and what price they will pay to save their hearts.

Life is a battlefield.

Love is the endgame.

They can’t have both.

What happens next…is their story.

*For mature readers only due to language and sexual situations.



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Note from NICUnurse:  I’ll be diving into this novel soon so be sure to check back here for my review.  This book is this author’s sixth release and so far I’ve loved them all.  I’ve been waiting (somewhat) patiently for this book’s release for a while now!