FOTAEB21Meet Jenn Marie

T:  Good Morning Jenn Marie thanks for joining me this morning. I hope the coffee is strong enough?

I love my iced coffee in the mornings. But if its a special occasion i love my jack daniels and coke on the strong side lol. I think Jenn wants to stay all day. 🙂

T: I promise for this set of questions I’m going to keep things fun and light (well light for me) so let’s get started.

Im ready ask me what you want to know

T: What was the first story you ever wrote?

Hmmm thats tough i started writing so long ago my first story was never published unlike my first poem that was published around the world but back to the story it was called the necklace and yes it was a romance

T: What is the G.R.I.T.S. Girl Collections? How did it come about?

Its a collection of romance stories about Girls Raised In The South and it came to be because i am a very proud grits girl myself and all my stories take place where i love the southern states.

T: What class is giving you the hardest time?

As in collage id say math as in the writing world not being able to see punctuation makes everything 100x harder

T: When do you write?

I do most of my writing in the late evens into the early hours of the morning

T: What author can you not put down when reading?

Danielle Jamie she is my all time favorite author

T: Do you prefer cooking or baking? What’s your specialty?

I love to do both and i m a pretty good cook but i do my best work when baking

T: How many quilts have you sewn?

I sew patchwork quilts and crochet afghans all together between the two its some where between 45-50 over the years

T: Are you doing anything special for release day?

Outside of my release day event i am getting a new tattoo and having some of my moms good home cooking and a cake with my family

T: Do you write about the Bayous?

In some way or another they play a roll in my stories that all take place around them

T: When your writing where do you normally find Dozzer?

Curled up beside me on the sofa or if he cant fit by me when i am writing he is at my feet

T: Where can people find your poetry?

On amazon in both paperback and ebook
Book 1 poems from the heart by Jennie m Lopez
Book 2 if it takes all life by Jennie m Lopez
Or in a bunch of collections that i cant even begain to name them all

T: Where do you write?

Most the time at home but on nice days you might catch me on the hammock or front porch i use to write on the river levy but its gotten to dangerous with the water so high so i mostly stay home and write around my hone and yard

T: How did Unexpected Love come about?

It was actually a writing challenges and just took off

T: What comes next?

The Forever Us Series
This year and 3-4 spinoffs of the series i just named

T: Well Jenn Marie that’s all I have for you today? Until next time thanks again for joining me, now get back to work and write your next book.

Thank you i enjoyed beinging here off to work until next time

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