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Meet JD Grayson

1186320_1387139788185621_1788746523_nJ.D. Grayson lives in the state of Florida, where the heat and sweat naturally lead him to write erotica.  Preferring short erotica to long form, he tries to offer a burst of pleasure, while merging an interesting story with a few twists along the journey.

With every work, Grayson attempts to straddle the line of sensuality and kink, story and sex, as well as fantasy and reality.  Although sex always leads the way, he strives to add imagination to every plot line, in addition to each sex act.  Some stories are lighter in tone; others are darker, though he always aims for a tasteful presentation.

His ultimate goal is to add spice to the life of readers.  In his daily conversations with “average couples,” he discovered that the current stat of sexuality is not in a good place. Somehow it’s been lost in maddening schedules, busy lives, and shamed stereotypes.  Its importance and priority are pushed to the back burner, as a chore not a reliever.

If just one of his stories adds some lust to their love, then his mission is accomplished.

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A few of JD’s books

Fantasy Factory The Attic Book CoverThe Fantasy Factory 2: The Attic (Dark Erotic Romance)

Length: 29,000 words

Book 1 Available in eBook & Paperback

Sara Monroe’s life has hit a stalemate.  Divorced, bored, and unhappily celibate, she decides to take a safe gamble by living out a dark fantasy.  Entering The Fantasy Factory, she voluntarily signs her sexual fate away.

The dark scenario plays out to her heart’s desire.  Seeking both edge and love, she awaits the man of her dreams.  However, when Sara gets more than she bargains for, she’s left to hope that her fantasy comes with a very happy ending.

Warning: This 29,000 word story contains graphic language, erotic situations, edgy role play, sex, anal sex, oral sex, DP, bondage, spanking, medical play, exhibition, voyeurism, domination, submission, humiliation and is a story for (18+).


US eBook: http://amzn.to/21KCB4G

Amazon UK

US Paperback: http://amzn.to/1XjFzMP
UK Paperback


Amazon US / Amazon UK / Paperback / UK Paperback


VixenVixen: Vengeance (Book 1) 
Dark Erotica (Action/Thriller) 

Length: 55,000 words


Swapped in exchange for her boss’ drug debts, Vixen’s life is forever altered. Now property of the Mexican cartel, her new life’s purpose is to serve wealthy clientele. However, she must first be trained and broken.

Tasked with teaching Vixen sexual skills, Marco Rio secretly has other plans. By the time he’s done with her, Vixen will be more than just a sexual seductress. She’ll be a deadly assassin.

Warning: This 55,000 word story contains graphic language, erotic situations, straight sex, anal sex, oral sex, bondage, medical exams, spanking, erotic asphyxiation, lactation, domination, submission, humiliation, erotic romance, violence and is a story for adults (+18)

Amazon US / Amazon UK / Paperback / UK Paperback


Marriage Therapy 2Marriage Therapy 2: A Dom, a Sub, a Cuckold & a Mistress 

Length: 34,000 words

Book 1 available in eBook & Paperback

Dr. Stone starts to question his role in the Hale’s home. Demanding an answer, Lori Hale pressures the therapist to commit to a lasting relationship. Reverting back to stubborn pride, Tyler Hale is eager to see their marital experiment come to an end.

With things on hold, a strong-willed female enters Dr. Stone’s therapy office. In need of desperate help, Jane Jones seeks guidance. Unable to land the right man, she puts her fate in the therapist’s hands. To the doctor’s surprise, they just may be able to help each other.

Warning: This 34,000 word story contains graphic language, erotic situations, oral sex, straight sex, anal sex, ménage, spanking, exhibition, DP, orgy, domination, submission, humiliation, BDSM, cuckold, cream pies, female and male submission, strap-on play, erotic romance and is a story for adults (18+)


Amazon US / Amazon UK

US Paperback: http://amzn.to/1Jg4xbF

UK Paperback: http://amzn.to/23cL1Dj


Amazon US / Amazon UK / Paperback / UK Paperback


Doctor MenageDoctor Menage

 Length: 17,000

Returning to their hometown in style, Doctors Mason & Ross open a sexual medicine practice. Blessed with wealth and good-looks, the bachelors are desired by every female in the zip code. Since the girls can’t win the doctors’ hearts, they must settle for sexual treatment instead.

Attending their high-school reunion, the doctors are approached by a face from their past. The popular and beautiful Kayla Carter seeks them out, hoping they’ll cure her sexual dysfunction. Agreeing to treat her, the two doctors make a deal to stimulate her body, but not their hearts. Of course, promises are easier to make than keep.

Warning: This 17,000 word story contains graphic language, erotic situations, Ménage à trois, penetration, oral sex, straight sex, anal sex, MFM, medical fetish, doctor/patient sex, sexual use of medical tools, enema play, Sybian, exhibition, voyeurism, domination, submission, humiliation and is a story for adults (18+)

US eBook: http://amzn.to/1OnHhpY

UK eBook: http://amzn.to/1SuMtc4

US Paperback: http://amzn.to/1gHsFqa

UK Paperback


Teaching EmmaTeaching Emma Box Set

 Length: 40,000 words

Teaching Emma: Week One: A Contract of Submission

Emma Heart starts college with an unusual elective: Human Sexuality-Fetish and Lifestyles. She doesn’t know that her new teacher, Mr. Mark Ryan, is equally as unusual as the course.

The class begins with a surprise as Mr. Ryan hands out contracts of submission. By signing on the dotted line, they agree to become his subs, empowering him to teach them as a dom. The lessons that follow thereafter will not be learned from a book, but from a body.

Teaching Emma: The Master/sub Experience (Part II)

Having faced week one, Emma anxiously awaits week two’s adventures. However, if Emma’s stepfather Ray and boyfriend Kyle get their way, she’ll think twice before returning to partake in the lesson.

Having accepted Emma as his classroom sub, Professor Ryan begins to question his decision. Feeling stronger for his student than expected, he realizes only heartbreak can come from a six week affair. The only choice is to hand her to another. The question is…can he?

Teaching Emma Week Three-Six: Freedom of Submission (Finale)

After Ray discovers the secret relationship, Emma and Mark are separated. Unable to accept such a punishment, the professor confronts his student’s guardian. The abusive man at home is offered a deal he can’t refuse.

Forced to move their class to another location, the Doms and subs continue to receive lifestyle training. While acquiring many new sexual skills, they await completion of the six-week college course. If Emma and Mark can avoid prosecution before semester’s end, their love will endure. Though if Ray gets to them first, he’ll tear them apart forever.

Warning: This 40,000 word story contains erotic romance, graphic language, BDSM, erotic situations, sex, anal sex, oral sex, public gyno exam, bondage, spanking, exhibition, swinging, voyeurism, domination, submission, humiliation and is a story for adults (18+)

US eBook: http://amzn.to/1KdXYTv

UK eBook: http://amzn.to/1IbiG6S

US Paperback: http://amzn.to/1HHTKjE

UK Paperback


Slaves & Breeders Profile PictureSlaves & Breeders Box Set **BANNED ON AMAZON**

Length: 49,000 words

Slaves and Breeders: Abducted into Sex Slavery (Part I)

Haley grew up an orphan, knowing only disappointment. Having known nothing but hopelessness, dreams of stardom shine in her eyes. After finding an internet ad for a modeling agency, she decides to toss the dice. However, she soon discovers that even shiny things dull on the inside.

Agreeing to a photo shoot, she’s chosen for the position. Unfortunately, its less of a dream, more of a nightmare. Abducted to a remote island, she becomes a value commodity in a powerful empire. Her rebellious spirt will be broken, changing her forever. Though she’ll soon discover she’s not the only one with regrets.

Slaves and Breeders: Chosen to Breed (Part II)

Spared a dreadful life in Paraíso, Haley White enters a new position of importance. Chosen to conceive Victor’s heir, she finds a better life awaiting her. Though along with the perks, comes greater responsibility.

Bruce Knight is ordered to guard her with his life. The man of great strength has no problem with matters of the muscle, though his test comes with matters of the heart. As a lonely Haley reaches out to him, he struggles to fight temptations of deadly proportions.

Slaves & Breeders: Into the Fire (Part III)

Six months into pregnancy, Haley & Bruce await the heir’s impending birth. Still tasked to guard the prize female, their caution fades within the shadow of safety. However, a grave secret burns brightly. Within hours, their world turns from Victor’s favor to his vengeance.

Their fight for love becomes a fight for life. Fates merge, as their path leads back to the place it all began. In order to survive, Bruce and Haley must head into the fire.

Warning: This 49,000 word story contains edgy erotica, graphic language, erotic situations, rough sex, abduction, lactation, pregnant sex, domination, submission, humiliation, F/F/M scenarios, sex, oral sex, anal sex, spanking, bondage, enema and much more. Adults (18+)

eBook only available on Smashwords

US Paperback: http://amzn.to/1T9qHO2
UK Paperback: http://amzn.to/23Fktbw