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Today is the release day of the final installment of Amy Carol Reeves Ripper Series, find out what happens next.

Resurrection (1)

I once again was able to get an ARC of Amy Carol Reeves latest novel. And like the other two books I liked where Amy took the characters I have grown to love. I’m a bit sad that there won’t be another story next year with these characters but I’m sure Amy has something new for us. Given that I had an ARC I’m sure the few places where words are out of order will be fixed when the novel is released on April 8th. I will say a few times it did mess with even my dyslexic t-speech brain. That was the only downside besides the series ending that I found. Now for my full review.

Resurrection is the third and final installment in the Ripper series and picks up just weeks after Abbie and Simon rescue William from Seraphine in Renegade. It also takes an even darker side then the first two books, which is saying something since we started off with Jack the Ripper. Abbie, Simon and William have returned home from Orkney and are staying up in Warwick at the Kennilworth Estate, while William recovers. It also gives them a place to keep all of the Conclave’s possession they collect from Seraphine’s island cave.

During the weeks Abbie and the others have been away the same Inspector Abberline was working in Renegade is still causing issues in London. In fact when Abbie returns to London she must attend a funeral of one of the new victims. Though unlike Abbie, we’ve already seen the murder and like in Renegade we get a different point of view (POV) at the beginning, and it’s not Max’s, though we do see his POV a bit. In fact Resurrection goes deeper into Max’s disturbed, assassins mind into what nightmares and ghost stories are made of. Granted since he knew John Polidori, or at least killed the man is it any wonder where Max’s mind might go. John did create the Vamyre that stormy night when he stayed with Lord Bryon and the Shelley’s. Max could have pulled this next idea straight from his writings. Too bad we can’t ask him.

Along with Abbie and Max we also see a section from both Simon and William’s POV along with three others. One I will tell you is Mariah, Abbie’s friend who dies at Max’s hand at the end of Ripper. The friend Abbie thinks she sees and follows to Highgate Cemetery in Renegade. I know you want me to tell you what she is. Honestly I don’t know, not that I could tell if I did, but Amy never tells us. It’s one of those mysteries we must figure out ourselves. This time though Max really wants to stay hidden from Abbie so he only sends her vision when h wants her to find him. Which makes you wonder does Abbie actually have visions or does this gift have more to do with Max and not Abbie?

Have I hit on all the good stuff yet? Of course not, I know you guys want to know who Abbie chooses… But I’m not telling. Granted at her age she should want to settle down but remember she still wants to go to medical school, and during Resurrection she is studying for exams to get in. Lady Westfield it seems comes to terms with this decission, so as long as Abbie survives Max and passes her exams she’ll attend Med School. Like in Renegade once Abbie returns to London during the week and for a little while she works at both Whitechapel Hospital and New Hospital for Women. Though when Max starts wanting Abbie to know what’s going on she takes another break from New Hospital so she’s always with either Simon or William or both.

I must say I’ve enjoyed Abbie’s adventure and I wish we could see what happens to her on her next one. But like all good things Amy has ended this one, maybe Amy will give us a glimpse at some point. As for now all we have is this last story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.