So tonight I have finished entering the first twenty-five pages of edits. I still have twenty-five more but between tomorrow night and Thursday I think I’ll have everything entered. Yes I know tomorrow is my favorite holiday and I’ll be passing out candy but I think I can get some pages entered. If I get ten done tomorrow I’ll be happy and I think its possible. That is if I don’t decide to make pumpkin bread. Right now its sounding pretty good though.

I don’t know how many of you looked up at the sky tonight, I hadn’t until I let the pups out. That’s when a big ball of light got notice. Well sort of, I could see the full moon from my back door. I took some pics and I’ll share them with you shortly. It just goes to show that there are somethings that are good even with crazy weather. My weather except for the rain on Saturday has been great. A little chilly but that just means I’ve been able to open the windows and turn the fire on.