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Yesterday and today I’ve had a migraine, It went away last name but came back today. While I was resting last night I got into my Food Network Chocolate mag and bookmarked the websites on my ipad. Once I was done I checked them out. I found a handful of websites that I’m in love with. One is the chocolateflowerfarm.com I can’t wait to buy some of the chocolate flowers and other flowers that they sell. Growing chocolate flowers would be so cool. I think adding the flowers into Legacy and One of the Boys will add flavor to them.  I also found a wicked cool recipe for chocolate ice cubes, which I can’t wait to try. I may even add the ice cubes to Calla’s Kitchen for her desserts.

In another mag I found a really cool shirt website, it’s whoohagear.com. There were a few shirts on the site that too. The shirts are made for runners, paddlers, walkers and so forth.

Needless to say since I was checking out websites I didn’t get to work on chapter five, not that I would have with the migraine.  When I finished checking out the websites I decided to read the latest chapter of Kim Harrison‘s A Perfect Blood on HarperCollins.com. By the time the new book comes out I’ll have a good portion of the book read I hope. I so can’t wait. The book is so good, and I don’t know if I can’t wait until the 21st.

Today after a nice long walk and after lunch I got another migraine. I want to work on chapter five and I have a new workshop that I’m in but the pain is too much. I also have blogs to edit on the same site as my workshop. Again the pain in my head is stopping me. I hope I might work on it for a few minutes tonight. Cross your fingers for me.

I still need to create synopsis for four stories, so I can post them for you. This week maybe I’ll get some of them completed.

Oh yeah, PBD has a new review of mine up. They posted it up yesterday but with my headache I wasn’t able to tell you about it.