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About the Book

When ruthless killers target them, even a safe house isn’t safe.

Only twenty-four hours remain until marshal Nick McKenna’s informant, Lori Carpenter, will testify against a powerful drug cartel. Nick has kept her safe for an entire year, but now all hell is breaking loose. With a team of cold-blooded assassins closing in, the by-the-book lawman decides to go rogue. He’ll risk his life for duty…and put it all on the line for his irresistible witness.


NICUnurse’s Review of Hostile Pursuit by Juno Rushdan

Juno Rushdan was a new-to-me author a while back when I took a chance on her book, Every Last Breath. As a romantic suspense junkie, it reeled me in and cemented this author as one of my go-to authors for the genre. I got sidetracked a bit by some other great releases but came back to her backlist thanks to a recent sale. I’m currently working my way through all the goodness that is Juno Rushdan’s writing that I’d previously not read.

Hostile Pursuit was non-stop action. So much so that there were times I wasn’t sure I could continue because SO much was happening to Lori and Nick I was kind of scared where the author was taking the plot. Needless to say, I plowed on and was rewarded by their HEA.

If you’re looking for non-stop action and suspense, you’ve found it in this book. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m on to book two in this series!


NICUnurse’s Rating: I give Hostile Pursuit by Juno Rushdan 5 out of 5 propellers!

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