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Goblins and ghouls and magic, oh my! Hang tight to your britches, this laugh out loud adventure is about to light you up!

Ousted from the Hollows Group, the shadow world has officially taken notice of me.

With loan sharks sniffing around and knocking on my door, I need to figure out how my ex-husband pushed all his debt onto me, because it stinks of black magic and back alley dealings.

Until I can get some answers there, I distract myself with a new job—working for a goblin. The job is as simple as hiding some paperwork for him. Only . . . someone else wants what he gave me. And they are playing dangerously dirty to get what they want.

Throw in a lovesick bigfoot, a siren going through menopause, a demon next door, and two hot guys vying for my attention, and you’ve got my life in a nutshell.

Well, that is if you don’t count on Robert showing up and saving my bacon again. Which he has to, because this time . . .this time I’ve really put my foot in it.

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**Cait Sidhe’s Review of Midlife Demon Hunter**

Midlife Demon Hunter is book three in The Forty Proof Series. Bree continues trying to iron out her problems, not to mention her love life. Her ex, Alan, has somehow managed to hack the shadow world and settle her with all his debt, something that no judge would have even agreed to without a little dark magic. She’s living in her gran’s house, but it’s owned by Crash the irristatble now. She wants to get it back, but not without figuring how to undo Alan’s work. She’s still on the outskirts with the Hollows Group, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing since she still has her friends. She’s been hired by a goblin to keep something safe, there’s a demon in the house next door, and Bree’s attracted the attention of the council. You know, just another day in the life of “a mature, seasoned woman, who is all out of ducks to give”.

She still has a bit of a love triangle going on here. Corb is still in the picture though she’s not sure how much she should trust him. I kinda hate him to be honest. I’ve never gotten over how he treated her in book one and I don’t see how she has amnesia about that. Her ex Alan has finally gotten his just desserts, but unfortunately, that just means that Bree is even more stuck with him than when they were married. At least she’s starting to shut him down when he starts running his trap. Things have heated up with Crash. There’s a hot little shower scene and just in case, you prefer to skip, the author gives you this warning…

Now, just a warning, this is a moment where those of you with prudish tendencies might want to flip ahead a few pages. In fact, it might be best if you mosey along to the next chapter. I’ll wait for you to go. Go. Seriously.

And she does! Always nice to have an option for those who prefer their reads more on the urban fantasy than PNR side.

I’m honestly still stuck on who exactly I’m rooting for. Corb, definitely not. I think he’s just as sneaky and gross as her ex, even though he’s hot. Hot isn’t everything. Crash she still thinks is out of her league but that’s saying more about her insecurities than him. She’s not exactly sure she can trust him either. It really seems like the only one she can trust is Robert and he’s dead, right? Her love life isn’t the only thing heating up. Her magic is really starting to snowball and Robert might just not be always stuck in skeleton form. Hmm, love interest to come?

The plot essentially follows the formula of the first two. Things are fine, then there’s a supernatural problem, and Bree gets wrapped up in it. Her friends are there to help bail her out, thank goodness, but they end up with more questions than answers in the end. I don’t feel like there’s a ton of character development, but slowly and surely, Bree is figuring things out. She hasn’t gone from an unsure 40-something divorcee to badass woman overnight which I appreciate. It’s a slow climb to a confident magic-using life.

The Forty Proof Series just keeps getting better and better. It’s funny and action-packed and there are plenty of twists and turns to keep things interesting. I’m completely invested now. Check back soon for reviews of the rest of the series!

I give Midlife Demon Hunter 4 out of 5 propellers

About the Author

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I was born into a family of Star Wars nuts. I have a lot of siblings (somewhere I lost count but I think there was more than could be numbered on one hand) and being one of the young padawans I was subjected to Star Wars marathons, on a regular basis. If you’ve read any of my books you’ll see there is often a reference to said movies as a small homage to my upbringing. May the force be with you and all that jazz.

I started writing when I realized I didn’t want to grow up not believing in magic, or not believing in creatures everyone else said didn’t exist. That being said, I have never seen a fairy, unicorn or dragon. I had a neighbour who swore they fed the leprechauns in their garden, but I never caught the little buggers no matter how long I lay in wait. (And consequently had to help the neighbours plant new flowers to replace those I killed waiting for the leprechauns to show their faces.)

Along the way, I found my husband who is the rock that keeps me from floating away into my dreams, and we have a little boy who is the centre of our world. Living on a farm keeps us busy (as if the writing wasn’t enough) and I have more than my share of stories about wrestling with cows, helping birth calves and ending up in the creek during the process, falling in the mud (we’ll call it mud but we all know that on a farm, mud is rarely mud) and chasing escaped livestock in the hopes the four legged convicts don’t make it to the highway.

I’ve taken up archery, and the goal is to move into horseback archery in time (you know, when I can hit the target on a consistent basis) and when no one is looking, I love to bake (this doesn’t happen often as it’s hard to keep the sweet treats in stock with two boys in the house.)

As to what’s coming next for me? More stories (since those never stop inside my head, I might as well share them with all of you!) and more adventures. Pretty much, when the fancy strikes, I’ll jump on it. Leap before you look I’m sure that motto was created for me.

Or was that . . . think big and dream bigger, ready, set, pull the trigger . . . yeah. That one is a good one too. But only if you have a gun. And are hunting elephants. Which is not cool because of so many reasons. Let’s stick with the first one with an addendum.

Leap before you look and let your dreams carry you on their wings. And that, my friends, is me in a nutshell.

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