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Tall – check.
Muscular – check.
Tatted – double check.
Until he opens his mouth.
Adam is grumpy, rude, and obnoxious as hell.
He’s the kind of guy who deserves double fisted middle fingers.
And I really should tell him exactly where he can shove his insults.
Instead, I bite my tongue.
He intrigues me and I can’t fight the need I have to find out what caused the pain so evident in his dark eyes.
Soon the thick hungry flames surrounding Adam consume me.
I should’ve known better.
Because when you play with fire, you’re bound to get burned.

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**Cait Sidhe’s Review of Slow Burn**

A.K. MacBride is flying into your TBR with another small town, slow-burn romance that will break your heart into a million tiny pieces and force you to glue it back together one tiny fragment at a time.
Maddie is a dancer who tried to make it in the big time but failed. She’s is stuck in the same spot after her dream crashed down around her. Working at her parent’s hardware store, she feels unsupported. Her parents think that dance is a hope that will never come to fruition and can’t understand why she can’t leave it behind and grow up. You get her frustration and inability to feel like anything but a failure.
Nothing makes her happier than dancing. It’s the one time she can express herself; all her doubts and insecurities mean nothing as long as she’s moving. . Her grandmother left her a beachfront cottage. A cottage that has a sexy new but grumpy neighbor. It’s easy to imagine a picturesque sunrise on the beach and Maddy out there dancing her heart out and even easier to see Adam out there unable to look away.

Adam is not your typical brooding alpha male, which I always appreciate. Like most of A.K. MacBride’s characters, he has a history that is full of pain and a lifetime of regrets. His wife died in a house fire and his last words with her were ruined by the fight they were having. As a trained firefighter, he arrived home in time to see the house engulfed and tried to save her but was unable to. Can you even imagine carrying that around the rest of your life? That failure has coated his every waking moment. His scars from the fire won’t let him forget so he shuts everyone out. He moved to Clearwater Bay to get away from it all and to allow him to live without the pitying looks of his family and friends. Who wouldn’t want to be a grumpy recluse after all that? Oh, but not in this story!

Separate, they are broken. Together, they might find happiness if they can get past the shattered pieces of their lives. Something has brought them together at the same place in time and if they can work through their pain, they might find something incredible. I always find myself rooting for the MCs of her love stories but man, she makes you inpatient for that HEA!

It was almost as if a bolt of lightning had zipped through the sky and struck me where I stood.



And scary as shit.

What I love about A.K. MacBride’s stories is that the characters are so well developed from the first few pages. You get an immediate feel for who they are before you find out what their passions are and the challenges they face. Adam wears his scars on the outside for the world to see, but Maddie has the internal struggle. They are imperfect people struggling to find their way through the world. They have the same misgivings, insecurities, and apprehensions that plague us all. Her characters aren’t perfect and they have shortcomings and broken dreams. Falling in love doesn’t magically get rid of those problems. Sometimes it’s one step forward and two steps back and that happy ever after you want so badly takes work…a lot of it.

There are some very heavy emotions to get through in this book, but there are some lighthearted ones as well. Maddie’s dog, nicknamed Fugly by Adam, made for some hilarious moments. The stupid but sweet dog kept sneaking over next door until he wormed his way into Adam’s heart. If nothing else, read it for Fugly!

I give Slow Burn 4 out of 5 propellers! Lots of great chemistry and a swoon-worthy romance.

About the Author

Author of romances that leave you with ALL the feels.

She likes her coffee big and strong and her chocolate sinfully dark.
Living in a small town in South Africa, she’s afforded the luxury of being surrounded by mountains and waking up to birds singing their morning songs.
In addition to her coffee and chocolate obsession, she can’t say no to cheesecake or pastry.
When she is not creating emotional reads that tug on heartstrings, she’s busy being a wife to her best friend and a mom to a sassy little girl (whom she wouldn’t want any other way).

She just so happens to love stalkers, so don’t be shy and get your stalk on.