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Lady Andromeda Barrington is the most unsuitable young lady in London.

At least in the Duke of Granby’s opinion.

Granby doesn’t care for bastard relatives or tainted pedigrees and Andromeda possesses both. Nor does he like opinionated young ladies who enjoy hurling insults in his direction.

Andromeda is, in short, the most annoying creature he’s ever met.

When she arrives, uninvited, to a house party given at his estate, Granby can’t decide whether to kiss Andromeda senseless or send her packing.

Andromeda is the victim of infatuation and bad luck.

The infatuation is that of her sister for the Earl of Blythe, but the misfortune belongs solely to Andromeda after she is forced to attend a house party hosted by the Duke of Granby. She and the duke are previously, unpleasantly, acquainted. The entire party is bound to be awkward, and their mutual dislike difficult to hide. Her only recourse is to avoid the giant block of ice masquerading as a duke. Thankfully, Granby’s estate is enormous.

But instead of mutual hostility upon arriving, Romy is greeted with unexpected attraction. Insults turn into flirtation. Heated discussions become lingering kisses.

Her heart is ruined. Granby may not even have one.

And the duke has already chosen another young lady to be his duchess.

The Design of Dukes is steamy historical romance with a guaranteed happily ever after and next in the series The Beautiful Barringtons.

The Study of a Rake

The Theory of Earls

The Design of Dukes

The Marquess Method  (Coming Soon)

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Fly Girl’s Review

So how many historical romances have I read lately?? It feels like a million so when I get surprised by a plot I get excited. This book was no stranger to surprising me. This is the first book I’ve read by Kathleen Ayers and I loved it. It was a fast read with a bit of angst and a lot of Regency Society being mean. The perfect makings of a classic historical romance. At least in my book.

Both of them have very sordid family relations and lots of scandal from previous generations and both are in high society, so at first they are both determined to find suitable spouses that will bring more legitimacy to their titles and legacies. However, as we all know the heart wants what it wants. So for these two who are determined to stay away from each other slowly learn they love each other, but must come to a resolution on their feelings about the others history. That is where the rub is for Andromeda.

Andromeda is a world class dress designer behind the scenes at one of the busiest dressmakers in town. She is not willing to give that up to be Duchess of Grandby. She wants a more fulfilling life than just embroidery and parties. The Duke on the other hand can’t get over the fact that her mother was not from society, but a ladies companion before she married her Duke. The quarreling is just as fun as the courtship if you can call it that so although the dilemma for each drags on a bit, you get some good laughs.

In the end it’s the families that bring them together and there is much healing in that on both sides. So when you first think it isn’t going to end well, you must keep in it till the end. It’s a historical romance with a bodice ripper cover, so you know you’ll get you HEA. I loved the simplicity of the story, but the tete-a-tete’s made it completely satisfying. I’m giving it a 4 of 5 propellers and recommend this one for any lover of historicals.

4 of 5 Propellers

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The Study of a Rake | The Theory of Earls | The Marquess Method


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Kathleen Ayers is the bestselling author of steamy Regency and Victorian romance. She’s been a hopeful romantic and romance reader since buying Sweet Savage Love at a garage sale when she was fourteen while her mother was busy looking at antique animal planters. She has a weakness for tortured, witty alpha males who can’t help falling for intelligent, sassy heroines.

A Texas transplant (from Pennsylvania) Kathleen spends most of her summers attempting to grow tomatoes (a wasted effort) and floating in her backyard pool with her two dogs, husband and son. When not writing she likes to visit her “happy place” (Newport, RI.), visit wine bars, make homemade pizza on the grill, and perfect her charcuterie board skills.  –Courtesy of her website