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Another back list review from Fly Girl: Melanie Karsak’s Steampunk Red Riding Hood series part of her Steampunk Fairy Tales world!!

To make these even better, they are free to read in Kindle Unlimited and she has audio also.

From New York Times best-selling author Melanie Karsak, a thrilling retelling of the classic Red Riding Hood fairy tale with hefty doses of romance, badassery, and steampunk. Perfect for fans of Carnival Row and Penny Dreadful.

Wolves and Daggers | Alphas and AirshipsPeppermint and Pentacles

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When London’s brightest tinkers and alchemists come up missing, Red Cape Society Agent Clemeny Louvel is on the case. As an agent for London’s preternatural enforcers, Clemeny has seen it all. Even though they call her Little Red due to her diminutive size, Clemeny is feared by the werewolf packs. But this case is different. When Clemeny discovers goblins, werewolves, and vampires working together, she realizes a darker danger is looming.

To help Clemeny get the problem in hand, Queen Victoria assigns her a temporary partner–a werewolf with a knightly history and a tendency to be far too flirtatious for either of their good. Can she trust him to help her chase down the monsters they’re hunting?

Fly Girl’s Review:

Each one of these is a new story, so although there is some additional world building you really just get to know the new characters, or perhaps old characters more in each installment. You can read all of these as standalone, but I recommend in order so you can follow the doings in the agency better.

I really hadn’t read or listened to much Steampunk before this series, but love some of her other work and found the first three on audible so I chose to give it a try. She did not disappoint. Clemeny is such a great heroine and full of spunk, energy, and wit. I lover her. Of course they call her “little red” because of her red hair and size. It’s because she is the best werewolf hunter in the agency that it’s a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.

This story gives us the introduction to Clemeny and the agency as well as to supernaturals in London. We learn about the fantasy world of England and London during a time of much change happening where the lines between humans and supernaturals is beginning to blur and how the government and the Queen are trying to keep the line in place so the humans can remain in power.

In this installment, we learn that Clemeny’s ability to defeat werewolves may go back further and just her generation and we get a feel for the many romances available to her if she wishes to go with one. However, Clemeny is too busy becoming a workaholic and deems relationships too taxing for her to put energy into, except her Grandmother. There are great tinkerers in this tale that are similar to Q in James Bond and build amazing things that cause Clemeny alarm, solve problems, and protect her. We discover she also needs ginger to help with her air sickness that just makes you laugh at the simplicity of it.

Fortunately for us, Clemeny and her agency partner get the dangerous situation well in hand by the end of the book and we are clamoring for the next tale. There is no cliffhanger just an expectation for more, so I’m giving this one a 4.5 of 5 and would say, this needs to be binge listened to or read.

4.5 of 5 Propellers

With Lionheart as the new alpha, the streets of London are quiet.

But above the realm, mischief is brewing.

While airship pirates are a common plague upon the kingdom, the Airship Fenrir proves particularly troublesome—especially on a full moon.

Clemeny must take to the skies before these shape-shifting Vikings kick off a new Ragnarok. Easier said than done now that she’s down one good eye, a partner, and not to mention the fact that she gets motion sick.

On top of that, the new scar across her face makes Clemeny feel like she’ll have better luck intimidating her foes than finding a beau. But Agent Edwin Hunter, recently assigned as head of Clemeny’s division, is proving to be an interesting prospect. Despite her apprehensions, it’s up to Agent Louvel to chase Fenrir across the heavens.

Fly Girl’s Review:

Thank goodness ginger works for our leading lady because in this one she really needs it. She gets to work from Scotland to uncover another supernatural mystery and work with other agency offices, new bosses, and other supernaturals.

There is a lot more action in this one than the first and the airship world is very interesting. Also, we get a little hint at where some of the supernaturals came from…Viking territory. I loved it. So much fun and the details are fascinating.

Again, Clemeny saves the day and uncovers the mystery and stops the threat. Not without some sparks between her and the new boss and lots of fireworks down below. Nothing like avoiding a near scrape to hone your skills. I’m giving this a 4.5 of 5 because again, no cliffhanger and the insatiable need for more.

4.5 of 5 Propellers

Up on the housetop werewolves howl
Out jumps good old Agent Louvel
Down through the chimney chasing monsters quick
Feeling far less jolly than Old Saint Nick

Red Cape Society Agent Clemeny Louvel is used to chasing werewolves across London. But when she’s reassigned to a special case just days before Christmas, she learns that she’ll need more than a silver bullet to keep everyone on the nice list.

Fly Girl’s Review:

This is the most recent one I’ve listened too and I actually finished it up around the start of the holidays so it made for a fun adventure. This one is a little shorter than the first two and was originally published in an anthology, I think.

We get a good picture of Clemeny’s grandmother in this one and learn a little bit more about Clemeny’s history before the agency. Perhaps there is a little supernatural in her too. I have my suspicions. Nothing substantiated yet. We get to see more of her relationship with the big boss too. The story she picks in this is about Saint Nicholas and keeping children from being bad. It’s another take on how Jolly Saint Nick came to be.

As usual Clemeny figures out the mystery and saves the day. She even makes it in time to have dinner with Grandma and the big boss. I’m giving this a 4.5 of 5 because again, no cliffhanger and I still need more of Clemeny’s stories.

4.5 of 5 Propellers

To Continue the Adventures of Clemeny–Little Red!!

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Melanie Karsak is the author of The Airship Racing Chronicles, The Harvesting Series, The Celtic Blood Series, Steampunk Red Riding Hood, and Steampunk Fairy Tales. A steampunk connoisseur, zombie whisperer, and heir to the iron throne, the author currently lives in Florida with her husband and two children. She is an Assistant Professor of English at Eastern Florida State College.