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Contender is a heartfelt contemporary romance written in 
K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes Worlds project.

He’ll fight to be the only contender for her heart…

Officer Collins Sutton can take care of herself…
Returning to Sunnyville was never part of the plan, but after the death of their mother, she’s home to help care for her disabled brother. As she finds her footing being back in her hometown her path crosses with the new guy in town. Sexy, mysterious and not swayed by her usual brush-off… Sunnyville might not be big enough for both of them.

Boxer Keegan “The Punisher” Ranger was once the light heavyweight champion of the world but he lost his passion for fighting when his mentor died. Now he’s focusing on building his new gym… and life. After taking verbal blows from Officer Sutton, the sassy redheaded sister of his new gym helper, he realizes something might finally be worth fighting for again.

Collins isn’t convinced that Keegan is the good guy everyone else in town thinks he is and moves in for a better look. As much as his dark eyes and wicked smile are a warning bell she draws closer to him. However, when he betrays the most important person in her life he just might lose his shot at being the only contender for her heart.

NICUnurse’s Review of Contender by Tiffani Lynn

I’ve read a few books by this author before, but it’s been a hot minute. Not because I didn’t enjoy the books I’ve previously read, but more because there are just so many good books released pretty much daily. However, I remembered that I had enjoyed the ones by Tiffani Lynn that I’ve read before, so after reading the blurb of Contender, I was intrigued enough to jump right into this story since I’ve read a few of the Everyday Heroes books.

NICUnurse’s Rating: First of all, it’s not easy to jump into another writer’s world and build your own within it. I thought this author did a great job framing her story within the parameters set by K. Bromberg’s original series. The characters from that series seemed to stay true to who they were, and Tiffani Lynn’s characters served to enhance this world.

And since we’re talking characters, it was a real breath of fresh air that Keegan, the fighter, was the more level-headed character rather than the typical hothead. And that Collins, the seasoned cop, turned out to be the hothead. I liked that switch very much. Honestly, I just really, really liked Keegan. He’s a good guy who is committed to building a legacy his mentor would be proud of instead of using his fame and fortune to only please himself and be a manwhore. All too often in contemporary romance, the fighter isn’t nearly as likable as Keegan. But I did like that Collins challenged him and that he complimented her personality well. There’s usually one main character in each book I read that I tend to connect with more than the other. Typically it’s the heroine, but in this book, it was our hero. (Keegan=major swoon!)

Contender kept me entertained from page one to the end with a character I could really connect with on an emotional level. I found myself mentally cheering for Keegan at every turn. For fans of the Everyday Heroes world, this is a gem of a story that you won’t want to miss. And if you’ve never read one of the EHW books, this is a great introduction to that world.

I give Contender by Tiffani Lynn 4 out of 5 propellers!

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Contender is written in New York Times Bestselling author K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes World, which is one of two KB Worlds projects. With over 100 authors, who were selected by and are working with K. Bromberg, these stories are fan fiction at its finest—and sexiest. Devoted fans of the Driven and Everyday Heroes series will have the opportunity to revisit their favorite characters and settings. You can find out more about K. Bromberg and the KB Worlds at kbworlds.com.

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Meet Tiffani

The west coast of Florida is home for Tiffani Lynn and her family. She’s a music loving, baseball adoring, crazed hockey fan who enjoys writing sexy romance novels.  

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