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Figure skating was supposed to be my whole world. But one unlucky injury and now I’m down…but I’m definitely not out. I just need to rehab–a boatload of rehab–and who’d have thought I could do it on the boys’ hockey team?

Of course, the infuriatingly hot captain of the team seems to think I’m nothing but sequins and twirls. What’s a girl to do but put him in his place? Game on.

Hockey is my whole world. I’ve worked my tail off getting my team in a position to win the championships–hopefully in front of major college scouts, too–so what’s a guy to do when a figure skater ends up as our new goalie?

Of course, the distractingly sexy skater thinks I’m nothing but a testosterone-laced competitive streak. And surely she’s only biding her time to heal, then she’s gone. Game over.

NICUnurse’s Review of In the Penalty Box

I’m always on the hunt for my next new favorite author. I’d never read anything by either of the authors of In the Penalty Box, so that, along with the cover and the blurb, had me wanting to dive headfirst into this contemporary young adult romance. I used to be able to say that I wasn’t a huge young adult romance fan. However, after the crazy year that was 2020, I found myself looking for something different from my usual romance and romantic suspense reads. So, I delved into quite a few young adult romance reads throughout the last ¾ of the year, and much to my surprise, I have been really impressed with the majority of them. 

NICUnurse’s Rating: Years ago, I was a huge fan of the movie The Cutting Edge. I’d often wondered what it would have been like had the roles been reversed and the figure skater had to turn to hockey. Well, now I know! But unlike the spoiled rich girl in the movie, Willow comes from a hardworking family and is trying desperately to return to competitive skating after a devastating injury. She’s feisty and more than a little determined to come back on top. Enter Brodie, the adorable hockey star. He’s amazingly talented on the ice and comes from a privileged family. But despite his family’s wealth and privilege, he’s a hard-working young man attempting to carry on his family’s legacy of being a Boston College hockey star. When Brody’s team’s goalie is taken out by a severe injury, he invites Willow to fill in temporarily. What starts out as temporary morphs into a beautiful story of friendship, young love, and self-discovery. Add in some high school drama, along with more than a dash of twists and turns, and it all comes together to form a wonderful concoction that quite literally had me not wanting to put this book down. And in the end, In the Penalty Box was among my top reads for 2020.

I give In the Penalty Box by Lynn Rush and Kelly Anne Blount 5 out of 5 propellers!

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