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When Owen Daniels, my high school sweetheart, skipped town to become a college football star, he shattered my heart–and my dreams. Eventually, despite being used to the numbness, I worked hard to grow into the best elementary school teacher I could be. And I was fine. Until a familiar last name popped up on my classroom roster. Owen’s back. But he’s not alone. And my adorable new student who calls him Daddy? He should’ve been mine. No matter how easily that sweet little boy has managed to slip past my defenses, I’m committed to keeping my brittle heart safe from his father. But Owen has made his intentions clear. He’s hell-bent on winning me back. So, when my little sister hatches a plan for revenge, I’m officially on board. After all, we’re playing by my rules now. Right?


BlueSeal’s Review of Saylor by Kelsie Rae

Kelsie Rae is wrapping up her Signature Sweetheart Series with book nine – Saylor.  I joined the series with Jude, book three, and fell in love with this cast of characters and the writing of Kelsie Rae.   While each book is a standalone, you will want to start at book one, Liv, and read the entire series.  Not only will you enjoy the progression of the plot, the friendships, and the connections between the books, you will observe Kelsie mature as an author.  Grab your coffee and let’s chat about Saylor.

We first met the beautiful school-teacher Saylor in Anthony and became reacquainted with Saylor again in Skye.  She is the older sister of Sway and Skye and well-deserving of her own book.  Saylor met her person in high school and he walked away for a full-ride football scholarship leaving her a shell of a person.  While Saylor has moved on with college, her career, and yes even relationships, there will only be one Owen.  He was her first everything including her first heartbreak.  

It has been a decade since Owen left town as the next up and coming football star and so much has changed.  A drunken night ended with a child.  An injury ended his career before it really had a chance to begin.  The mother of his child walked away when she realized that Owen would not be her ticket to money and fame.  Owen is looking for stability for his son Grady, a life like he had as a child.  Owen is looking for a second chance with the only person he has ever loved – Saylor.

This was not an easy book to read as Saylor’s heartbreak begins in the prologue.  It would be easy to hate Owen, and I did for many chapters, but you quickly realize that his heart is as broken as Saylor’s.  You will need your tissues close at hand as you fall in love with the story of Saylor, Owen, and Grady.  

This was a great way to wrap-up the Signature Sweetheart Series and I highly encourage you to read the entire series.  My rating for Saylor – 5 out of 5 propellers!  


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