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Diece is the right-hand man to the most powerful family in the Italian Mafia. He’s ruthless, brutal, and has been tasked with protecting me after I stuck my neck out for his boss. That doesn’t mean I trust him, though. Against my will, Diece whisks me away under the guise of keeping me safe, but I’m not about to exchange one prison for another. When he finds out what I’ve been through at the hands of my previous captor, he begs me to let my guard down. To let him in. But if I do, he’ll find out the truth, and I can’t let that happen. Not just for me, but for his safety too. He says he won’t let anyone hurt me. He has no idea who I’m running from.

*Contains sensitive subjects that may be offensive to readers. Intended for readers 18+  

BlueSeal’s Review of Bitter Queen 


Bitter Queen is book four in the Advantage Play Series by Kelsie Rae.  Each book is a standalone BUT I really think that you will miss so much of this beautifully created storyline if you do not read it in order from beginning to end:  Wild Card, Dark King, Little Bird and then you can read Bitter Queen. The Advantage Play Series has been a step into the dark side of Kelsie Rae who started her writing career with the Signature Sweetheart Series.  I feel the need to re-state that this is a series for readers 18 and over due to the sensitive subject matter.  Grab your tumbler of whiskey and box of tissues, come into my office, and let’s chat about Kelsie Rae’s Bitter Queen (read that sentence using your best Godfather voice).

Bitter Queen is the story of Q and Diece an unlikely couple who come together out of necessity but a bond quickly forms.  Can that bond be anything more than convenient sex?  Can they trust each other enough for it to become love?  

Q is a mystery woman.  What is her real name?  Where did she come from?  If she has a family, why are they looking for her?  How did she end up with Burlone?  All of these questions are driving Diece crazy along with the fact that Q is the most beautiful woman that he has ever seen even when she is covered in bruises from being so brutally beaten by the hands of her captures.  Q bravely stepped up and saved the day but put a price on her head in the meantime so it is Diece’s job to keep her hidden and safe.  Is it really possible for that to happen if you don’t know who she is?

Q simply went from one jail to another one.  At least the beatings and torture have stopped.  She has food, clothes, a real bed to sleep in, and a toilet instead of a bucket but will she ever be free.  This time the jail is to keep her safe but will Q ever feel safe again? The only time the nightmares stop is when Diece is in the room.  He’s the captor.  He should not make Q feel safe but he does.  

Like the other books in the Advantage Play Series, Bitter Queen will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions but you will not want to put this book down!  

My rating of Bitter Queen by Kelsie Rae….5 out of 5 propellers!  


For more information on sex trafficking. #endslaveryNOW


U.S. National Tip Hotline 1-888-373-7888

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