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As is our tradition here at Wickedcoolflight on Thanksgiving, instead of book posts, we pause to celebrate with our family and friends. So here’s wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving…despite the crazy ride we’ve all been on in 2020.


What our Owners are Thankful for

Fly Girl: I’m thankful for my wonderful husband, who has been supportive during some very dark days over the last year. I’m thankful for the family I have left. I’m also thankful for my healthcare team, who has helped me weather the storm of COVID-19 over the past year. What our life would be like without COVID-19, I have no idea. Allen and I have lost so much time with our local family that every minute we get with them is super precious. I can’t wait until we are able to travel without fear and socialize with friends and family again.

My wish for the future is that we do not become afraid of one another because of this pandemic, and we don’t irreparably change our younger generation to be afraid of life because they will be making the decisions when I’m unable to make them for myself. I want them to realize the world is a big, beautiful place that everyone is free to see. It’s a big, wide-open world out there. Please don’t forget that we need one another to weather this storm, and be sure to protect yourself out there.

I’m super thankful for my blog partners because over the last year, I’ve discovered that they aren’t partners but family. 

Teresa and Flygirl (and Benny)

Teresa: I’m thankful for the fact we’ve had lots of quality time together. I’m thankful I pursued a better opportunity for myself despite the pandemic. I’m glad my husband has been so loving and supportive over the last year and kept me sane when life and people around me seemed so frustrating. Since my job move, I’ve been thankful I’ve been able to get back to writing, which is my true passion.

I’m not thankful that I lost my Holly this year, but I am thankful she is in a better place and not in pain. Her death also allowed me to find Jenks, and I am thankful for that. I wish I had something profound to say. As a writer, I should, but I’m going to leave that to my partners. 

NICUnurse: What a crazy ride 2020 has been, huh? Even though our world feels like it’s quite literally been turned upside down, I hope that you’ve had some time to find a few things to be thankful for. As always, I’m thankful for my family and friends that are family. Family isn’t always blood relations, and I love the family I’ve made.

I think the thing I’m most thankful for so far is that my oldest is getting a fairly normal senior year in high school. While it’s definitely not what we expected, we’re just happy he’s getting to experience his last marching band season, which has been his life since 7th grade.

I’m also thankful for my blog partners and our reviewers. We’ve become a family, and I’m so happy that they are there when I need to vent, have fangirl moments, have good days, and most especially when I have bad days. And I’m incredibly thankful for this book community. We wouldn’t be here without it.

What our Reviewers are Thankful for

Cait Sidhe: This has been a hard year to be thankful but being grateful is another story. There have, and continue to be, hardships and struggles, but as the saying goes, it could always be worse. I’m grateful for the health of my family after a COVID brush last month and for my job after being on shutdown for seven weeks earlier this year. I’m blessed to have the love and care of friends and family, even if we can’t see each other like we would want. I’m appreciative of my own health and body after making a goal to start hiking again this summer. I’m thankful for the little things now more than ever, like having a roof over your head and someone holding your hand as we navigate this strange new reality together.

BlueSeal: Before I could write a paragraph about being thankful, I wanted to read the definition of thankful, so I did an internet search, and this is what I found. Thankful: adjective; pleased and relieved; expressing gratitude and relief. What? That is not what I thought I would find but stop and think about that for a minute. That definition of thankful is so 2020. Is it not?  So what am I pleased and relieved about? While I am thankful that 2020 is almost over, I have to say that this was a year of personal growth for my entire family. My oldest son graduated high school virtually and started college. It has been amazing to see him grow this year into a confident young man who is ready to leave our nest and fly—#hailsouthern #onceaneaglealwaysaneagle. My youngest son has learned how to use technology to flourish in the modern school world and is tackling challenges head-on. My husband continues to amaze me with his ability to sell BS and get paid the big bucks to do so. My mom gave up her home and moved into an apartment in my basement, and we love having her under our roof. The strength that she continues to show after the death of my dad four years ago is amazing. I have learned that I cannot and will not make all of my employees happy, and for that lesson, I am thankful. Did you know that being grateful is about appreciating what one has, as opposed to what one wants? I am eternally grateful for friends and family and the many, many blessings and lessons that are uniquely 2020 and, most importantly, for the God who makes all things possible. 

From the entire Wickedcoolflight Crew…Happy Thanksgiving!