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Coming November 30th!

The Cop Shop series (a One of the Boys series spin-off) begins November 3oth with Delicious Pursuit!

About Delicious Pursuit

When it comes to business, CJ Steele is on top of his game. But in his personal life, he’s been in a funk lately. After being burned one too many times, he’s not ready to put himself back into the dating pool just yet.

Holly Jackson is an Agent in the Texas Rangers. She’s as tough as they come at her job, and her job is all that she’s focused on.

A chance meeting at the gym leads to an unlikely friendship, but are they willing to set aside their hangups to take a risk on a real future?


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About Teresa

Teresa Crumpton is a hybrid: she grew up in the Midwest and the American South. She writes dark supernatural thrillers and contemporary romance. She loves classic horror movies and Shakespeare. She never thought she’d turn her passion for writing into a career, but here she is! 

When Teresa isn’t writing, you can find her at book signings or traveling the world with the perfect man for her. She’s living the dream and keeping a promise she made to her father before he passed.

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