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Title: Worth The Wait (A Southern Fairy Tale- Book 2)
Author: Shannon Davis
Genre:Contemporary Romance

Release Date: October 29, 2020
Cover Designer: Cover Me Darling
Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

High school English teacher Claire Gibbs thought she’d found love but a broken heart was all she had to show for it. When her latest disappointment turns out to be a smooth-talking control freak, she swears off men. Although she couldn’t deny wanting the fairy tale—a happily ever after with Mr. Right—she was in no rush to date again.

Until she met Caleb.

Air Force officer Caleb Williams’ love life could be summed up in three words: crash and burn. All he wanted was to find a love that would stand the test of time. After a string of failed relationships with high maintenance drama queens, he gave up hope of finding someone special to share his life with and decided to fly solo.

But then he met Claire.

As fate keeps bringing them together, waiting for the right one might not take as long as they thought. Sparks ignite and passion flares as their dreams of finding true love become reality. But a possessive ex will stop at nothing to prevent their happily ever after. Will the one thing they’ve waited their whole lives for be destroyed at the hands of a killer?

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Claire leaned in closer, nuzzling her cheek against my chest as we watched the sky light up. With every bang, she tensed, squealing and squeezing my leg as her body jolted. Between the explosions, her fingertips worked busily, making tiny circles on my thigh as she anxiously awaited the next thrill. Her enthusiasm was invigorating, her laughter contagious, and her touch was like a warm salve. Tender. Soothing. Yet so damn powerful. Spending the evening with her was nothing short of comforting. Something I had craved for so long. Holding her felt remarkably familiar like I was home. And when she reached over and entwined her fingers with mine, I had a brief flash of us sitting together watching fireworks just like this for many years to come.

As the finale exploded, I couldn’t resist the urge to kiss her any longer. Pulling my hand from hers, I lifted her chin, bringing her face close to mine. Her smile told me she knew exactly what I had in mind.

I swallowed, my gaze steady on hers. “Might wanna close your eyes for this,” I whispered.

As the hand on my thigh stilled, the other slid around my neck. “It’s about time, cowboy.”

I heard something in her tone that made my heart spasm. Had she been wanting this too? Her fingers traced up my neck, pulling me closer. I leaned in further and her eyes slowly closed. Holding her chin ever so gently, I pressed my lips to hers. I kissed her softly, once, twice, three times, then parted her lips with my tongue. As I explored her mouth, burying my fingers in her hair, her hand groped my thigh, causing my shorts to grow tighter and tighter. Never had I ever tasted lips so sweet. Never before had anything felt so right, so perfect. I knew without a doubt Claire was the one for me, the one I’d been searching for, waiting for, longing for all these years. She was the one. And I never wanted to let her go.

NICUnurse’s Review of Worth the Wait by Shannon Davis

Shannon Davis is a new-to-me author, and I love finding new authors to fall in love with their words, so I thought I’d take a chance and read Worth the Wait. Mostly because of Caleb, our hero, who is an Air Force officer. I married my own flyboy, so I was definitely curious about this one. I also love romantic suspense and this story definitely had a bit of suspense to it. 

NICUnurse’s Rating: All in all, this was an entertaining read. I found that I do like the author’s writing, so I’ll definitely be looking forward to reading more of her work in the future. I think my only real issue with this book was that the suspense was very predictable. And that could have been exactly the way the author wanted it. I read a LOT of romantic suspense, though, and have for many years, so it isn’t easy to get one past me if I do say so myself. But, I found myself quickly immersed in this world and all of the characters which was a big plus. And though I can’t say that I couldn’t put the book down, I can say that I looked forward to picking it back up and finding out where the story led when I did have to put it down and adult for a while. If you like contemporary, small-town romance with a bit of suspense that doesn’t leave you guessing too much, I think you’re going to be quite happy to spend a few entertaining hours in this author’s story.

I give Worth the Wait by Shannon Davis 4 out of 5 propellers!

Shannon Davis grew up in Northwest Florida where she developed a love of writing as a young girl, keeping countless diaries and notebooks filled with short stories. After college, she followed her love of mathematics and became a high school math teacher. She retired from the classroom after nearly three decades to pursue her lifelong dream of writing.

A military wife and mother of three college-aged children, she and her husband reside in Georgia with their three dogs and four cats. When she is not writing, Shannon enjoys traveling, baking, and outdoor activities. An avid reader of women’s fiction and love stories, she is a sucker for happy endings. Her love of the south coupled with romance is evident in her novels, Worth the Risk and Worth the Wait, books one and two in the Southern Fairy Tale series.


Available in Kindle Unlimited