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I’m angry…angry in my bones.

Fury fuels me to find the monster who took my wife. To exact vengeance for her death. He’ll look forward to meeting the devil when I’m done with him.

My salvation? My precious child. She’s my entire universe. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to keep her safe.


I’m living two completely different lives. When the sun goes down, this real estate mogul and doting daddy becomes a dangerous, ruthless, and lethal vigilante. Every kill leaves another blemish on my tarnished, tortured soul.

But I don’t give a damn.

I’m broken…until she storms into my wicked world. She’s bold, brilliant, and so damn beautiful. I’m drawn to her in ways I can’t explain and can’t control. She’s what I crave, what I need…what my daughter needs. Then, I learn the shocking truth about her.

She’s been sent on a mission to destroy me.

And only she has the power to save me.


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Fly Girl’s Review:

At the end of In Walked Sin, we were given a taste of Dakota’s story and I was super anxious to see what Stoni would give us. She delivered alright. Another tense mystery that comes together smoothly at the end and has so many twists it’s almost easy to forget it’s not real, but a story in someone’s mind.

Dakota is one of those guys that just seems to have bad luck all around and decides he’s going to make some of his own. He does this after he loses his wife in an abduction and is left with is baby daughter. He takes on a little vigilante team to find the “killer” and in the process eliminates a lot of true killers. He gets a lot of help from friends we’ve met in other stories and a covert government organization. As the years go by and he doesn’t get any closer to his wife’s killer, the killers he ends begin to slowly eat at his soul until he thinks he’s lost it. Lucky for him, the FBI thinks he might have info they need or might be the vigilante ridding the world of bad men and sends an agent to find out more.

Providence on the other hand is a lady who knows what she wants and it’s someone she can share her whole life with. As an FBI agent, she is constantly living two lives and no one knows both sides. This makes for a very lonely woman who is dedicated to her work and her family. When she discovers Dakota is protecting his little girl and may be the vigilante, she decides to team up with him when he and his daughter are threatened. She soon falls for Dakota and realizes she is in over her head and is falling hard. Dakota, doesn’t really realize he’s falling until he’s hit rock bottom and can’t live without Providence.

These two isolationists realize that life is better when someone is let all the way in and can see both sides of you. They understand one another like no one else would be able to and are a perfect fit. They live similar lives and know what true loneliness is. Of course, there is way more to the story than what I wrote but you’ll have to read it for yourself to understand how much is at stake for both of these characters. Not just life and death–but their souls.

Stoni also gives us a great tension filled mystery that winds down at the end when the real killer of Dakota’s wife is found. It will surprise you and you’ll be in awe of her talent. She tells a great story without any feeling of being cheated with a sloppy to quick ending. She gives us the whole picture and leaves us with a pleasant smile at the book’s end. Prepare to be wow’ed. I’m giving this 4.5 of 5.

4.5 of 5 Propellers

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Stoni Alexander writes erotic romance about tortured alpha males and independent, strong-willed heroines. In a previous life, she ventured into acting, appearing in numerous television, film and stage productions before transitioning to a successful career in business. Stoni spent her childhood moving around like a gypsy and appreciates her deep-seated roots in the DC Metro area. She’s married to the love of her life, is an uber-proud football mom, and dreams of the day when her muse will inspire her at will.

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