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Killian walked into my new voodoo shop late one night with an urgent request – he needed me to heal his friend. Only I know absolutely nothing about voodoo, or healing. I’m just trying to start a new life with what little family I have left after
my dream of becoming a star on Broadway went up in flames.


At first glance, he was an average looking guy with a European flair. Nothing outside the ordinary in the city of New Orleans. But despite his nerdy-boy attire, Killian was most definitely all man. And as his black eyes made their way up my body to my face, the look reflected within them wasn’t the least bit tame.

More like predatory…

I expected her to cast me down the moment I walked through her door. But I had no choice. One of my own was dying from a witch’s curse, and only another witch could undo the spell. However, Lizzy was not what I’d expected to find. Stunned by her beauty and overwhelmed by her scent, I burned with thirst until the blood raced through my veins and my body tightened with need.

But with one taste, she calmed the beast within me as the truth flooded my wicked soul. The witch is MINE. She is the pulse that feeds my immortal life and the bearer of my death. Taking Lizzy as my mate will bring about the end of my coven’s uneasy truce with the witches.

Leaving her will mean my demise…

My name is Killian Rice, and I am a vampire. Come Into The Dark with this new series by L.E. Wilson, and enter her Deathless Night. A world of immortals with only one weakness: The witches who can destroy us…

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As I got to my feet, I heard a noise behind me and spun around, sinking into a fighting stance and baring my fangs.
Lizzy’s terrified face greeted me, her body poised to run. Her eyes traveled over my face and body, as though she couldn’t quite believe what she was seeing.
Hunger hit me swift and hard.
Her eyes grew wide as she noticed the change in my posture.
Don’t run. Don’t run.
She spun away and ran back into the house.
“Killian, don’t!”
Jamal’s shout barely registered as I took off after her, leaping back through the hole. From the corner of my eye I saw Kenya, awake and more alert than she had been in days, and felt a vague sense of relief I couldn’t quite process.
I caught Lizzy in the living room, three feet from the front door. Grabbing her up in my arms, I spun her around and slammed her against the wall, my hand behind her head to protect her. “You shouldn’t have run, Acushla.”
“Killian, please.” Her eyes closed. “I don’t feel well.”
Lizzy’s face was pale, her skin moist to my touch.
“You can’t feed from her, Killian. She’s already lost too much blood. You’ll kill her.”
Jamal was getting on my very last nerve tonight.
“I want to go home,” Lizzy whispered. “I need to go home to Wiggles.”
The dog. He was home alone.
“Please, I need to go home.”
Although the hunger was still there, there was another part of me—a saner part of me—who was beginning to come back now that I had her safe in my arms away from the others.
A heavy hand landed on my shoulder. “Why don’t you let me take her home?”
My eyes never left her face. “Get your fucking hand off of me. I’ll take her home.”
“Killian, I don’t know that you’re in any condition to do that.”
He was trying to help her. I knew this. And it was the only reason I didn’t kill him on the spot. “She is mine, Jamal.”
I heard him sigh. “I know you think you need your own witch, just like you thought you could make your own family, but I still say—”
“You’re not hearing me,” I told him. “She is mine.”

About the Author

L.E. Wilson writes Paranormal Romance starring intense alpha males and the women who are fearless enough to tame them — for the most part anyway. 😉 In her novels you’ll find smoking hot scenes, a touch of suspense, some humor, a bit of gore, and multifaceted characters, all working together to combine her lifelong obsession with the paranormal and her love of romance.

Her writing career came about the usual way: on a dare from her loving husband. Little did she know just one casual suggestion would open a box of worms (or words as the case may be) that would forever change her life.

Lattes and music are a necessary part of her writing process, and sometimes you’ll find her typing away at her favorite Starbucks. She walks two miles to get there, to make up for all of those coffees.

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