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Note From Kristen Proby

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL??

I know the world’s a mess, and American football may or may not happen this year. But one thing is for absolute CERTAIN! You’re going to get some SUPER SEXY football players in your life on September 14th!

Ever since I wrote Play With Me, readers have wanted more Seattle Football, and Lady Boss Press is delivering exactly that. We have eleven novellas for you, all set in the With Me In Seattle world, linked through the Seattle football team. And yes, Will Montgomery makes some cameos. Swoon city.

I know, I squealed, too! It’s absolutely fabulous.

All eleven stories release on the same day, and all will be in Kindle Unlimited.

You know what this means, right? YOU GET TO BINGE! Talk about quick and dirty reads, all at your fingertips. I’m a fan of instant gratification, friends. And these authors delivered the goods. 

Just look at these gorgeous covers designed by Kari March Designs!! I seriously can’t stop staring. And you don’t have to.

You can preorder these hotties now! Be sure to mark September 14th on your calendars!

Quick Snap Novellas Group Cover Reveal 3

Pre-Order Your Copy Today!

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The Wickedcoolflight Crew

Playing Again by Anna Edwards

Personal Foul by Cala Riley

Running Forward by Crystal Perkins

Lucky Catch by Lea Coll

False Start by Leigh Lennon

End Zone by Lexi Noir

Touchdown by Maria Macdonald

Out of Bounds by Mary B. Moore

Blue Forty-Two by Rayvn Salvador

Pick Six by S.A. Clayton

Rookie Moves by Tarrah Anders