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Such a beautiful tale with so many eclectic voices to tell the tale of how Earth was placed back in the hands of mortals after a long fight between the Angels and the Demons God created and unleashed on the world.

These angels don’t have halos, and the demons aren’t after your soul.

She’s been sent to spy on them, to watch from afar and report on the demons that walk among humans. She finds herself somewhere even more dangerous, with the angels. Angels who give her to someone who intends to enslave her. Angels. Demons. Protectors and killers. Who can Misaka trust when everything is a lie?

Zeph is a demon with the soul of an angel. Eternally trying to right his wrongs he is drawn to her without even seeing her face. He is the dealer of justice but he has judged the innocent and now he is paying for it.

They will both have to choose sides and look deep within themselves before the end. But, what they learn about themselves, will surprise them most of all.

Turns out Hell isn’t the worst place you can end up!

Fans of Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter, I.T. Lucas, and Dannika Dark will pray for more of this urban fantasy series.


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Fly Girl’s Review:

So this is a little late, there was a lot to ponder on this one. S. Lawrence has been bringing us a dystopian, paranormal romance series with a few political and personal musings in it. In each book so far there has been a personal musing included as each one finds their wings. Some are about light and dark, some are about good and evil, and some are about fate and choice. This one is definitely about them all really.

The process for Zeph and Misaka to find their wings is arduous and gruelling to say the least. Neither believes you be both good and bad and still have a soul. Also, Misaka has been taught of fate since she was young, but Zeph feels the fates have left him to wither away alone. Misaka definitely takes the alpha role in this relationship right from the start even though she isn’t sure, she just follows her instinct. It takes demonstrations of the others around her that good and evil and live in one soul and freedom of choice is what makes it work. When she discovers that, she is free to find her wings. Zeph on the other hand continues to fight even when he does get them. He doesn’t agree with the roll he’s been dealt and fights to the gruelling end.

Although their friends try to help them through it, Misaka and Zeph do it the hard way. I think their story is the most heart wrenching. It even made me cry which hardly ever happens. It all felt like a personal story of Lawrence’s childhood, to the point it felt intimate learning about Misaka as she thought about her search for her parents and the feelings of abandonment. Zeph on the other hand has tried the whole time to redeem himself for the atrocities he believes he meted out. What he fails to understand is that we all have a job in this life, some are good, some are bad, but we all must do a job otherwise our society doesn’t work. I’m not sure he ever gets that, but he does find some reconciliation for his two halves to live as one.

As for the political musing, we are looking at a dystopian society where the Angels are bad and Archangels are good, light is still in some way good, but dark is no longer the scary place it once was. So does that translate to current day? I think so. It goes along with that old saying, “The lesser of two evils.” In her world all the characters have good and bad in them. Sometimes they use the good, sometimes they use the bad, but their morals guide them when and where to use it. But whose morals are those? Does this make the ones of the Angels bad? Morals aren’t necessarily guided by the good book in this society she has created which I think could be said for today as well. Sometimes we need to truly look at these morals and motivations and judge them based on our own before we choose a side. OK, way out there I know…

So I do have one bad thing to say. Although I got my HEA, I still got a cliffhanger and an epilogue that just makes me need more. When is the next series in this world starting??? I must have it now!! So for that reason this is a 4.5 of 5 in my book. I hope I’ve intrigued you enough to start or finish the series because you’ll need to before the next series comes out.

4.5 of 5 Propellers

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Chosen Blood / Chosen SoulChosen Magic

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S. Lawrence was born in a tiny Missouri town which she left right after graduation. She has a BS in Aeronautics and a MS in Conflict Resolution. She served in the USAF where she met her husband. After living all over the US she now resides outside of New Orleans. She has been and is many things to include Scifi junkie, fangirl, and mom.She loves good food, 80’s hairbands, tattoos, and books.

She writes Urban Fantasy and Paranormal romance.

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