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Presidential Affair Book 3

By Jennifer Rebecca

Release Day: July 15, 2020


The moan heard round the world—that’s what they’re calling me. I’m the toughest Press Secretary there ever was and now a sex tape I didn’t even know I had made is circling the internet. Every day I face a room full of the Associate Press and they ask me to name the man in the video but I won’t. That’s not how I play. But will he rescue me from a political nightmare when I need him?

Sometimes a knight doesn’t show up in shining armor, he’s videotaped wearing nothing at all… 

NICUnurse’s Review of The Press Secretary’s Passion by Jennifer Rebecca

The Press Secretary’s Passion is book three in Jennifer Rebecca’s Presidential Affair series. All three books can be read as standalone titles, but this series junkie will always recommend a better reading experience when you read all of the books in order. It is NOT necessary in order to be able to enjoy any of them, though. I’ve enjoyed all three books, but this wasn’t my favorite of all 3 stories. I think book one was my favorite out of them all. 

NICUnurse’s Rating: I’ve been a fan of Jennifer Rebecca’s for a while now. I love romantic suspense, and she writes them well. And I know this year has been freakishly bad for us all in a number of ways, so I’ve debated and debated on how to rate this book. I finally decided that I’d rate it the way I’d want someone to rate me this year: with a LOT of grace. Now, I think I’ve read all of Jennifer Rebecca’s books that she’s published to date, and I can honestly say that she’s a talented romantic suspense writer. I love the banter, the wit, the sarcasm, the steamy…all of it. And how I felt about this book really could just be me and the headspace I’ve been in recently. But…this book just seemed a bit disjointed. It felt like there was a part of the story arc I missed, but when I went back to see if I had inadvertently skipped anything, I hadn’t. Now, I follow this author on social media, and I know that it’s been a particularly rough time for her lately. And again, it’s been a particularly rough time for my family, which I came to realize a while back actually does have a tendency to color how I perceive a story. So I will eventually reread this book to see if it hits me differently. Let me stop here for a second and say that this is NOT a horrible book. I finished it. I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed my time back in this world, and I still think this author is amazing for being able to bring in other characters from her other series and tie them all in. That is not an easy feat, you guys. I edit and proofread books on the side and can honestly say that can be a really tough thing to keep straight! This may not have been my favorite book of Jennifer Rebecca’s to date, but it’s still a decent story. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been affected by this crazy year in ways we might not even realize right now. So, NICUnurse…are you saying I shouldn’t spend money and time on this book? Absolutely NOT! Especially if you’ve read the other 2 books in the series, you’re going to want to know how this all wraps up. Jennifer Rebecca is kind of brilliant in the way she uses these itty bitty breadcrumbs throughout each story she writes that totally keep you wanting to come back for more because you just have to find out where that next little trail is gonna lead. While this wasn’t my most favorite story from this author, it was far from a waste of time. And I’m still (not so patiently) waiting for Liam’s book two! I have a feeling it’s going to be worth the wait.

I give The Press Secretary’s Passion 4 out of 5 propellers!

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About Jennifer Rebecca

Jennifer is a thirty-something lover of words, all words: the written, the spoken, the sung (even poorly), the sweet, the funny, and even the four-letter variety. She is a native of San Diego, California where she grew up reading the Brownings and Rebecca with her mother and Clifford and the Dog who Glowed in the Dark with her dad, much to her mother’s dismay.

Jennifer is a graduate of California State University San Marcos where she studied Criminology and Justice Studies. She is also a member of Alpha Xi Delta.

13 years ago, she was swept off her feet by her very own sailor. Today, they are happily married and the parents of a 10-year-old and 8-year-old twins. She lives in East Texas where she can often be found on the soccer fields, drawing with her children, or reading. Jennifer is convinced that if she puts her Fitbit on one of the dogs, she might finally make her step goals.

She loves a great romance, an alpha hero, and lots and lots of laughter.

Website: http://jenniferrebeccaauthor.com/

Facebook: http://bit.ly/2iVmgve 

Instagram: http://bit.ly/2Hwal2O 

Twitter: http://bit.ly/2ST1yNR 

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