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Three cousins become cowboys when an unexpected inheritance leaves them with a ranch–and a future as wide open as the California sky…

Sawyer Dalton may be an investigative journalist, but he has no interest in the story of the sexy stranger who has invaded his barn’s loft apartment on Dry Creek Ranch. After months on the road, he just wants to settle in. But according to his mother, publicist for the beautiful celebrity chef sleeping in Sawyer’s bed, Gina DeRose needs a place to hide out until a scandal dies down. And Sawyer can never say no to his mother…
Gina is devastated that her hard-won career is about to collapse. Someone is stirring up sabotage. And when a hoaxter blows up the internet with incriminating photos, even brooding—gorgeous—Sawyer is convinced she needs his help. Once they join forces, there’s no escaping each other–and with the heat simmering between them, soon neither wants to try…


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Fly Girl’s Review

I wasn’t sure what kind of a woman Stacy was going to cook up for us where Sawyer was concerned. I shouldn’t have been worried because she brings it with Gina’s character–a fiesty, take no prisoners business woman and an amazing chef with class; what more could we ask for in the lady marked for Sawyer?…

Gina and Sawyer are off the charts hot and a mess all at once. Sawyer is just focused on his family (finding his sister) and the ranch when Gina barrels into his life with her Louis Vuitton luggage and all. He isn’t even sure he’s looking for a woman so his journey is a bit fun to watch as he wrestles with his inner self. He thinks because he is this cowboy and war torn, third-world journalist that he should be a loner or with some quiet dissociated woman but in fact this self-centered know it all is exactly the prescription the doctor ordered.

Gina on the other hand is in crisis mode of which it seems she’s never been out of since her mother died. Always out to please her mother and become bigger and bigger than she needed just to please her. Her journey is about self discovery and laying old ghosts to rest so she can have the life she wants and not the one she deserves. Her journey isn’t as fun to watch as Sawyer’s only because the train wreck just keeps hitting station after station in an endless pile up. She however pulls up her boot straps and presses forward trying to make the most of the worst kind of situation. She may have just bought those boots, but who’s counting. In Dry Creek Ranch she discovers a lot about herself that makes her realize this celebrity life she’s been chasing might not be the only thing she’s good at or wants. The Dalton gang makes her realize what she is missing in her current life and what she really needs–Family and friends that have her back!!

So we watch these two get tangled up in each other’s mysteries and reach out with life lines of help for one another. The lifelines stabilize them both in the storms that are about to blow up their lives. Gina needs Sawyer’s help to navigate this media crisis she is going through, and Sawyer just needs someone to believe his search for his missing sister isn’t a waste of time. Sawyer discovers some very scary truth about his sister with the help of his cousins and the support of Gina. When they wanted him to stop, she offers to help which gives him the strength to keep pursuing. Sawyer, as the investigative journalist, asks the hard unseen questions about Gina’s situation which reveals some winning associates of hers that gives her some much needed perspective on her life. Through all of this they develop a friendship and a passion for one another they have never felt before. Both just need to be willing to take a hold of what’s right in front of them.

I never thought Stacy would be able to close the loop on Sawyer’s sister in this final installment, let alone give us a good mystery in Gina’s life but she did. It never felt rushed and had an awesome resolution. I really loved the way she closed this series and tied up all the loose ends. I would love to see some other characters from the town though. It seems like such a great place to find love. A little rugged, close knit, but civilized. We’ll see what she comes up with in the future. For right now though I’m going to bask in the California sun and enjoy this final journey to true love. So I’m giving this 5 of 5 propellers and I’m giving the series an overall 5 of 5. Here’s the link to my review of Cowboy Up and Cowboy Tough in case you are interested.

5 of 5 Propellers

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Stacy Finz is an award-winning journalist. After more than seventeen years covering notorious serial killers, naked-tractor-driving farmers, fanatical foodies, aging rock stars and weird Western towns for the San Francisco Chronicle, she figured she finally had enough material to launch a career writing fiction. In 2012 she won the Daphne du Maurier Award for unpublished single-title mystery/suspense. She lives in Berkeley, California with her husband.