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In a Deviant Future, the world has been reshaped. Humanity has been changed. Yet despite it all, one thing does survive–love. An exciting new dystopian romance FOR ADULTS from New York Times bestseller, Eve Langlais.

He should have died in the wasteland, but was instead forged anew.

A devastating injury takes Titan’s arm and leg, but a chance encounter with a woman in the Wasteland sees them replaced with a bionic set. These are no simple metal limbs. His body speaks with him. The alien presence forces a bond that he struggles to accept. Changes him in ways he doesn’t understand, making him fear he’s losing sight of himself.

Riella has been looking for acceptance her whole life. However, certain skills make her not only valuable but hunted. If she were to fall into the wrong hands, or suddenly decide to fight back…she might hold the key to bringing down the Emerald Queen once and for all.

If they prevail, can a metal heart learn to love?

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Fly Girl’s Review:

Let me just say, Metal Never Looked So Good!!! Titan is a ba***s and the metal he gets just improves him. He doesn’t see that for a while, but it does. This story of Titan and Riella is awesome. Eve leaves a bunch of holes in Toxic Dust about various characters and in the subsequent books she is filling in the blanks. This one is about the famous Titan we don’t see much of in the first book. It’s about that time he disappeared or should we say almost died and was brought back to life.

I simply love, love, love this world she is building. I’m not sure six books is going to be enough for me. She has been known to keep going if her reader response is high enough, so if you love this series, tell her; all her links are listed below. BTW, she loves to hear from fans. Back to the book. We find out what happened while he was away looking for the settlement of Eden, a hope for rehoming the Haven clan. When he is attacked by night beasts, Riella comes to the rescue reluctantly. We discover later on it’s because she is the Green Queen’s daughter and heiress to the Enclave nation. Albeit she is a reluctant heiress, who’s been dead for ten years, give or take. During Titan’s recovery, they are discovered by the Enclave and it’s believed it is because she helped him.

During his recovery they have an encounter that changes their history forever and ties them to one another whether they want to accept it or not. Distance only makes Titan’s new equipment and his mind fight him to return to Riella wherever she is and Riella is determined to find out Titan’s fate. Good for them, they end up in the same place and the romance begins again. After a few more adventures, they find themselves back where they started, but working together to build their family.

The characters in this one are so full of self doubts and disbelieving in everyone it is hard for them to trust. They trust each other’s abilities, but not their hearts. It takes a lot of action on both sides to show the other one they mean to be true and their hearts have been won. The power of action brings these two together in the end. There are some surprises along the way that explain things that happen in the other books and start to set Haven up for success as a clan of their own. I can’t wait to see what she brings us next.

4.5 of 5 Propellers

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New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Eve Langlais is a Canadian author who loves to write hot romance. She likes to blame her twisted imagination for her sarcastic sense of humor which tends to heavily influence her stories. She enjoys writing about strong alpha males, that need the right woman to temper their wild side–and unleash the lover. She loves to write, and while she might not always know what her mind is going to come up with next, she does promise it will be fun, probably humorous and most of all romantic, because she believes in a happily ever after.