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In marriage a lot of things are forgivable, a few are not. This one was . . . definitely in the Oh-hell-no! category.

Thank goodness for a BFF that’ll do anything for you, and can kick butt in the courthouse too.

Even then, if you think starting over after 40 sounds tough, try making sense of it all after waking up and finding out you’re Seeing Dead Things!

Get ready for the first of Roxie’s Midlife Adventures where you won’t always know for sure whether to laugh, cry, or . . . wet your pants!!

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**Cait Sidhe’s Review of Seeing Dead Things**

I stumbled into Seeing Dead Things on an author takeover on Facebook. The author linked a chapter preview for anyone who wanted to take a look. After reading just a few pages, there was absolutely no doubt that I was picking up a copy of my own! 

There’s a big trigger warning for this one though. In the very first pages, Roxanne is struck by her husband, falls and hits her head. She ends up in the hospital without any idea (at first) of what happened. She also has a broken jaw that was wired together. Luckily, she has an amazing best friend who happens to be an amazing lawyer. She doesn’t stand for the abuse. She immediately files for a restraining order and a divorce, but it might be a difficult read for those who have experienced domestic violence.

The characters are what makes Seeing Dead Things so great. Some PNR characters are supposed to be older but have the social skills and emotional maturity of a 20-year-old.  Roxie reads as 40. She’s experienced, but still faces a lot of uncertainties. She’s very relatable. The secondary characters are well-fleshed and equally enjoyable, even the ghosts

As far as the plot goes, it’s nothing new. The “I can suddenly see ghosts” has been done before, but again, the characters are what makes it. The ghosts helping her with her new ability and she in turn helping them was what made it unique. I especially love that there’s a ghost dog! I don’t want to give anything away where the puppers is concerned, but the dog and its owner is my favorite part of the whole thing. It’s sweet and sad and happy all rolled up into one. 

I give Seeing Dead Things 3.75 out of 5 propellers.

About the Author

81O27mVcrEL._US230_Leigh Raventhorne lives in southeastern Michigan, United States. She’s a country girl who loves animals, and loves to read and write. Currently, she’s into writing snarky, humorous, PWF novels (Paranormal Women’s Fiction) starring midlife female characters. She likes including her beloved animals in her stories. #Who’sDamnStoryIsItAnyhow?

You can find her on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/Leigh.Raventhorne