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I’ve loved, and I’ve lost. For too long, I’ve held back from relationships, building walls around my heart tall and wide. My daughter is all I have left, and after years of struggling with overwhelming grief, I’ve decided it’s time to live. New town, new home, new job. Then in walks Brexen. Tall, handsome, and as wounded on the inside as much as he is on the outside. Maybe more.


I was living my dream until a freak accident on the job left me half the man I used to be. Finally over feeling helpless, I’ve decided it’s time to live. New town, new home, new therapist…who comes with a little girl that refuses to let me keep my walls up. But facing my fears of inadequacy means letting go and letting them in. Torn between their pasts and their futures, can Leighton and Brexen finally break down their walls for good and realize that together they can be whole again?

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Sky Diva’s Review of A Half Made Whole by K Leah

A Half Made Hole by K. Leah is a sweet romance that unfolds the story of two individuals who have had either tragedy or loss.  This is the first book for me by the author of K. Leah and I am looking forward to reading many more of her books.

Leighton has lost a lot in her life.  Despite that, she’s had a loving and supporting family by her side.  As an occupational therapist, she decides it’s time for a new adventure and moves to Atlanta, Georgia with her three-year-old daughter, Kamryn, who has a sweet and loveable spirit. 

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Brexen suffered a life-changing event while on the job as a fireman.  Needing a change from his small-town life in Tennessee, he moves to Atlanta to live with his twin sister and her husband in Atlanta to try to move on and heal.


Leighton and Brexen both come from loving supportive families but what brings them both to Atlanta is different for each of their journeys and true healing to begin.  

Kamryn is a sweet and trusting little girl. She pulls at your heartstrings. You want to run and go play with her.  She is like most little girls who love to play at the park and eat macaroni and cheese.  She has a special bond with Brexen and it’s fun to see their relationship develop.

When reading this story I could actually see the story unfold in my mind. The chemistry that Leighton and Brexen have for one another. The sweet intimate moments they share with each other. The struggles they endure.

Brexen had a meltdown and you could see it play out in your mind and you felt for him and the struggle that he was going through. 

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If you love a sweet romance you will enjoy this book through all the twists and turns. You will enjoy seeing the chemistry build between Leighton and Brexen. The setbacks that they go through and the friendships made throughout the story. This is not just another feel-good romance. This book shows you the real struggle of loss and tragedy and that with love and support from friends and family then you too can get through the tough times. 


Sky Diva’s Rating: 4 out of 5 propellers.

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Love comes in the most unexpected places.

Chase has always had a tendency to settle. He’s spent years being the third wheel and “Cool Uncle Chase”—always on the outside looking in. Tired of admiring love from afar, he’s finally met someone that could change his whole life . . . if he can hold onto her.

Cait has come to Atlanta anticipating a short term work assignment, already trying to figure out how she can get out of the city before she’s unpacked her suitcase. But after crossing paths with her cute neighbor a few times, he’s half-convinced her that city living may not be so bad after all.

Cait’s family ties are strong, and she leaves everything she’s built with Chase behind in the wake of a tragedy. Will Chase follow his heart or let Cait take it with her back home?

About the Author


K. Leah is a hopeless romantic and adores a good Hallmark movie. Growing up in the South, she likes her tea sweet and coffee strong. Family and faith are what matter most and she wears many hats, including being a wife, mom, and graphic designer. Other than being creative with designs or stories, she likes to spend her free time escaping reality into the pages of a sweet love story.

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