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Elizabeth Rosseau and Abigail Lester were best friends. At twenty-one, they confess their feelings for each other before leaving for winter break. It should have been a love story, only Abigail never came back.

Six years later, Elizabeth contacts her one last time, and to her surprise, Abigail answers. Their chemistry is undeniable, but Abigail is hesitant to see her in person. She was in an accident that left her a monster, a wendigo. Now she’s in a support group for other inhuman cannibals and is mostly convinced that she could avoid eating Elizabeth, but Abigail doesn’t trust herself, and even more, she’s terrified that if Elizabeth finds out the truth, she’ll never want to see her again.

They want nothing more than to be together, but they belong to different worlds, different lives, and different food groups.

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**Cait Sidhe’s Review of My Date With a Wendigo**

My Date With a Wendigo centers around Elizabeth Rosseau and Abigail Lester. While they knew each other earlier in life and became close, Abigail up and disappears, leaving Elizabeth wondering what went wrong. Elizabeth is now a therapist and Abigail is, of all things, a wendigo attending meetings to help her not eat humans. I don’t typically review F/F paranormal romance but this book sounded too unique to pass up.

The book starts out with Elizabeth “Liz”. It’s been six years since her best friend Abigail took off without warning. Liz clearly has some unresolved issues. She has the emotional IQ of a slug. While she tells herself she’s an adult and a well-adjusted therapist, she has some questionable behaviors. Too many nights in bars and failed relationships has her reaching out to Abigail’s old phone number hoping it’s the same.  Abigail, as we find out, has a furry issue of her own. Thanks to a wilderness accident, she was turned into a wendigo. She’s hiding out in a cabin in the woods, only coming to town to go to a diet support group for “fiends” aka monsters (monsters ≠ PC, ya know) whose conditions cause them to want to eat humans. 

The support group is actually pretty funny if you can imagine a wendigo, an incubus, a selkie, an anthropophage (I had to look that one up), a ghoul, and a vampire all sitting around talking about trying to not eat people. It’s such a normal scene with such a weird twist that it’s pretty humorous. Sometimes you fall off your diet and have guilt about it. In their case, you might just eat your significant other accidentally. The fiendish world that the author creates was really fun to get lost in for a while. There’s the support group, but also the community center with its black market and art classes for vampires.

While the paranormal aspect of the book worked well for me, the relationship itself had some bumps. Liz seemed way too copacetic with finding out that Abby is a wendigo. Wendigoag (yes, that’s apparently the correct plural) are not attractive things. Go ahead, if you don’t know what one looks like, google it. I’ll be waiting…Back? Yeah, they are gross and terrifying. Out of all the creatures that you could choose to want to have sexy time with a wendigo would not be in my top 100.  While it was a unique choice, Liz’s vociferous acceptance was a little dubious. Be friends, sure! Hold hands, er, claws with? Not so much. Maybe it would be convincing if like a werewolf, she transformed only during some set time frame?

My Date with a Wendigo is a sweet, second chance romance at its furry little heart. It’s meant to be light-hearted, and it is often laugh-out-loud funny, but it does read very young. While I would put this as NA, the explicitness of later was still a bit shocking in comparison to the age that Liz acts most of the time. There are quite a few logistics to work out when you decide to date a hairy cannibalistic fiend that I never had reason to consider and probably never will again. Recognizing the message of love and acceptance, at the base of this book is two people who were best friends and each wanted more without knowing how to tell the other that. Like any relationship, there are hurdles to get over. If you can overcome them together, the relationship is stronger for them, right? If one of you needs to be muzzled while you do so, well, every relationship has its problems.


About the Author


Genevieve McCluer was born in California and grew up in numerous cities across the country.

She studied criminal justice in college but, after a few years of that, moved her focus to writing. Her whole life, she’s been obsessed with mythology, and she bases her stories in those myths.

She now lives in Arizona with her partner and cats, working away at far too many novels. In her free time, she pesters the cats, plays video games, and attempts to be better at archery.