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He looks every bit the powerful man he is. Even if you didn’t know exactly WHO he is, you’d still know he’s SOMEONE.

Unbeknownst to her, Isla Flores returned to town with more than just her suitcases in hand. She dragged a shitload of baggage from the past into my present.

Her reappearance spurs my father’s twisted mind into overdrive. He devises a plan for me to marry the woman I love to hate. I want to tell him to go to hell, but he knows my secrets. Our secrets.

The Classholes.

We never speak of what happened on our prom night, but Isla Flores’ arrival threatens to bring that night to the surface and reopen the cold case file.

Doing my father’s bidding will not only make me more like him, it will destroy Isla in the process.

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Fly Girl’s Review

Garrin and Isla’s story doesn’t really start on a happy note and their reunion only goes to show how much baggage each of them bring to the proverbial table. Isla is a wounded soul who finds healing in Garrin’s touch but learns some hard truths, that not everyone is good down deep. She also learns you can love bad and find a way to get around the evil they do. She continually takes risks with Garrin, while I feel Garrin truly holds back the hole time until she’s facing her father’s death in the eye. He steps up in that storm, but Luma doesn’t give us enough details during that segment of the story. I need to feel him aching for her and inwardly crying with her. I never felt that. Also, the author expects us to love him after one blurted out sentence. I wasn’t able to get there.

The emotion she has Isla show is genuine and, having lost a parent, I felt it just as if it were happening to me. Again, Garrin didn’t do it for me. I’m also not sure of how the rage works into his personality. In the beginning there is a scene where he just starts pummeling a best friend. I never felt that level of anger on the page…this is an issue for me with his personality and lack of emotional description in the book.

This one made me realize how important it is that the characters, even if a**holes, need to be redeemable. In this case, I’m not buying that any of the five guys in the group, including Garrin, are or should be redeemable. I wish he were and I believed in the plot, but a lass I didn’t get there. The plot was very good, and had me up reading very late. But redeemability is really the reason I’m giving it only a 3.5 of 5 propellers. Interesting to note, I will probably read the whole series because I have to know who killed on Prom Night. So go into this one knowing you might still hate him in the end.

3.5 of 5 Propellers



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Luma Rose is a contemporary romance author who loves her heroes to be wounded and her heroines to be strong. She loves it even more when her heroines crack that hard exterior of her heroes and she gets to watch them fall. Whether it’s second chance or new beginnings. Whether its friends to lovers or enemies to lovers, she promises to deliver a journey toward finding love with a great big ribbon wrapped around their happily ever after.