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Release Date: April 16

Jonas Schwartz isn’t just good at playing football. He’s also good at playing hearts and four years ago, he played mine like it was the easiest game of his life. 

Brokenhearted, I ran off to art school, swearing to forget about my one-off secret weekend with the star quarterback.

I’d heard whispers about his injury, but I never expected Jonas to return to our hometown to rehab his knee, and I certainly never thought he’d show up on the other side of my door with a pizza in hand.

He looks good. Better than before.

Whatever–I’m over him. 

I’ve completely moved on.

I just wish my heart would get the memo…

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NICUnurse’s Review of A Slice of Love by Teagan Hunter

Teagan Hunter has made her way to my list of favorite 1-click authors. Her books are sassy, funny, emotional, and just about any other emotion you want to throw on that list. Her Slice series was has been all of that, and has me hungry (see what I did there?!) for more! A Slice of Love is Jonas’s story but it can absolutely be read as a standalone title. All of the books in the series can be read as standalones, but if you’re a series junkie like me, it’s totally worth it to pick up a copy of all of them. 

Jonas and Frankie were a different kind of BFFs in high school that led to something more for them both. But when fate steps in, it quickly falls apart leaving them both reeling and taking completely different paths for their futures than they thought they would take. Years later, they are both back home. Will they both get the closure they need or is there still enough feelings on both their parts to make a relationship work this time around?

NICUnurse’s Rating: I love second chance romances. I love romcoms. I love emotional books. And when you pack all three into one novella in a series I love, it’s a definite win for me. And A Slice of Love does a fabulous job wrapping it all up. I don’t know if it’s because Jonas and Frankie’s story is similar to my own second chance romance or Ms. Hunter’s writing that I really seem to connect with, or a combination of both. Regardless, she absolutely had me laughing out loud one minute and fighting back tears the next before wanting to cheer this couple on while feeling all the feels. In this crazy time that we’re living in, A Slice of Love truly had me pulled in from page one and immersed so fully into Jonas and Frankie’s world that I didn’t think or worry about anything going on in our world until many hours after I hit The End. And during a time where I’ve had a lot of trouble focusing on reading, that’s saying a lot.

Needless to say, I give A Slice of Love by Teagan Hunter 5 out of 5 propellers!

Meet Teagan Hunter

I’m a Missouri-raised gal, but currently live in North Carolina with my US Marine husband and 9-year-old dog. I spend my days begging him for a cat, and I survive off coffee, pizza, and sarcasm. When I’m not writing, you can find me binge-watching various TV shows, especially Supernatural and One Tree Hill. I like cold weather, buy more paperbacks than I’ll ever read, and I never say no to brownies.

Writing is my passion, and this is just the beginning of my journey.

Connect with Teagan Hunter

➜ Website: www.teaganhunterwrites.com 

➜ Facebook: www.facebook.com/teaganhunterwrites 

➜ Instagram: www.instagram.com/teaganhunterwrites 

➜ Newsletter: www.teaganhunterwrites.com/newsletter

➜ Reader Group: http://bit.ly/TeagansTidbits



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