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51416742._SY475_Getting divorced at 48 is hard. Almost as hard as discovering that your ancestors were part of a coven that was hunted to extinction…And you’re next!

Cricket Hawthorne’s marriage has been on life support for the past two decades, but finally pulling the plug and starting over at dang near 50 is tougher than she’d imagined.

Especially when she winds up back in her hometown of Rocky Knoll living in her Mee-maw’s basement and working at her cousin’s bakery for grocery money. Not exactly the life she’d dreamed of…

Just when she wonders if she’s made a terrible mistake, she comes across an antique typewriter that gets her creative juices flowing. But when her fantastical stories become reality, she realizes her love life is the least of her problems. Something insidious is afoot in Rocky Knoll, and it’s up to her to figure out what it is, or her marriage won’t be the only thing without a heartbeat.



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**Cait Sidhe’s Review of Writing Wrongs**

Another entry in the Paranormal Women’s Fiction category, Writing Wrongs has a lot going for it. Cricket, our MC is 48, may be a little older than some of the other protagonists in the PWF universe, but she’s in the same situation. Except unlike the others whose husbands have died or cheated, Cricket decides to step away from her marriage herself. She moves back to the little town she grew up in, with her Meemaw and starts work for her cousin’s bakery. Not so glamourous fresh start. However, when she sees an antique typewriter, something in her knows that its for her.

I really enjoyed the characters in Writing Wrongs. Meemaw is abolutely hilarious and Zoe, her cousin, brings sass to the storyline. I had trouble connecting with Cricket. She had a LOT of internal dialogue which may have been the reason why I had trouble, but she felt much younger and insecure. Cricket has not one, but two men that are suddenly interested in her but they are strange enough that it’s obvious something isn’t quite right with them.

As far as the storyline goes, I loved the paranormal typewriter. Cricket finds herself writings stories that appear to be coming true! There’s a shark attack in the bay and a giraffe walking the streets thanks to her storytelling skills. It’s not hard for her to convince Mee Maw and Zoe that it’s her bringing these things to life. I wish there was a bit more time spent exploring the typewriter and it’s origins.

The pacing was my biggest complaint with Writing Wrongs. It was a slow beginning and then once things started getting good,… wham, bam, major cliffhanger. It seemed like the last chapter was rushed and things were tied up with no explanation.

I give Writing Wrongs 3 out of 5 propellers.  I wasn’t as invested in this story as the other PNF books so far.

About the Author

Christine Gael is the women’s fiction writing alter-ego of USA Today Bestselling contemporary romance author, Christine Bell, and NYT Bestselling paranormal romance author, Chloe Cole.

Christine lives with her sweet, funny husband in South Florida, where she spends the majority of her day writing and consuming mass amounts of coffee. Her favorite pastimes include playing pickle ball and tennis year-round, and texting pictures of palm trees and the beach to her New England-based friends in the wintertime.

While Christine enjoys all types of writing but, at age 46, she’s especially excited to be creating stories that will hopefully both entertain and empower the women in her own age group.