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Coffee Shop Girls, #2
by L. Moone
Publication Date: January 30, 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Younger Woman, Curvy, BBW, Instalove, Romance, Novella

A Steamy Curvy Younger Woman Instalove Romance (85 pages)

For almost two decades, I’d been celibate while mourning my wife’s death. As a single dad with a business empire to run, I never had the time or will to start dating again. But from the moment I met Kayla, everything changed.

She’s gorgeous, sharp and has a wicked sense of humor. The mere sight of her awakes something in me that had been dormant for years. We hit it off immediately until I realize a difficult truth.

Kayla is one of my daughter’s friends. And that’s one boundary I’m unwilling to cross, no matter how much it pains me to let her go.

I spotted him as soon as I arrived at the party. Older, sophisticated, but with an edge to him which I couldn’t place. I knew I had to solve the mystery that was Simon. Our conversation soon turns physical, and I’m hopelessly swept up in a passion I’ve never known before. Right up to the moment that we realize who we are to each other.

If there’s one thing you don’t do, it’s making out with your friend’s dad. No matter how charming and handsome he is.

The memory of that one kiss lingers long after the spell is broken. Can I really put it behind me? Can I ignore how he made me feel when I inevitably see him again? Or has our illicit encounter changed my heart forever?

Note: this self-contained steamy read may end up melting not just your Kindle, but your heart as well! If you love steamy body-positive romance stories featuring confident older men and curvy younger women, this second book in L. Moone’s Coffee Shop Girls series is going to tick all your boxes. Every installment follows a different couple from the moment lightning first strikes all the way to their happily ever after. They can be read in any order, but for maximum enjoyment, I suggest you start with Book 1, Fireworks.

BlueSeal’s Review of Illicit by L. Moone

Illicit is the second novella in the Coffee Shop Girls series by L. Moone.  These quick-read books are appealing to me because the main characters are strong, body-positive, curvey women.  One aspect that I am having to get used to is the notion of instalove. Grab a tea and let’s chat about L. Moone’s Illicit.


Simon started his family at a young age. He is a widower with a grown, successful daughter but no one of significance to share his life with.  After having found out that his daughter is in a relationship with a man his own age (and reacting very poorly to the relationship I might add), Simon finds himself attracted to a woman his daughter’s age to make matters worse, Kayla is a friend of his daughter, Lauren.  Starting a relationship with your daughter’s friend is stepping over the line. Right?


Kayla is in trouble from the moment that she lays her eyes on Simon.  The attraction is instant and his kiss ruins her for any other man. How can one person’s touch make you feel both empowered and week? There is only one problem.  Simon is her friend, Lauren’s, father. Starting a relationship with your friend’s father is stepping over the line. Right?


I really enjoyed this novella but it feels like it should be the first few chapters of a book instead of an entire story.  I completely understand that it is a novella and not a full book but it left me wanting more. Instalove…like I said before is not my thing but this was a good quick read. 


My rating for Illicit by L. Moone…4 out of 5 propellers.  






He’s a true alpha. Effortless confidence, without even a hint of arrogance showing through. This is a man who goes after what he wants without fear or hesitation. Because nobody has ever tried to oppose him.

Neither will I.

He can have me tonight; he just has to reach out and make it happen. It’s all I’ve been able to think about since I first spotted him. 

We make it about half a dozen steps down the road, when his hand finds its way onto my arm. I pause, breathless with anticipation.

“I hope you don’t mind.” He inhales sharply through his teeth while he looks down at my lips. 

Just the tone of his deep voice has me creaming myself. I blink a few times, trying to swallow my nerves as he continues.

“But… I’ve been wanting to do this ever since you said ‘hi’.”

My stomach flips and I forget to breathe. His right hand finds my face and his thumb rests against my bottom lip. I lean into his touch, eager for what’s to come.

“Me too,” I mouth. 

I’m helplessly frozen in place as his other hand travels up my arm and across my shoulder until it slips around the back of my neck. He bends just enough to get down to my level and cups my face. 

The air between us feels electric when our lips brush past each other for the first time. I hold my breath and wrap both my arms around his broad shoulders. Even through his coat, I can feel the firmness of his body as he presses up against me. Underneath his expensive clothes, he’s all muscle.

He kisses me like he owns me already. His mouth, his tongue, his hands mark me as his. 

I don’t care that we’re standing in the middle of the High Street, in that same part of town where I’ve lived and worked my entire life. It’s a small enough place that most people who’ve lived here a while know each other.

It doesn’t seem to matter that my mum might pass us by on her way to the shops. Or one of my neighbours, even an ex-boyfriend or two. 

All I have eyes for is him.

Our mouths and hands continue to seek each other out. We’re both lost in the moment. Lost in each other. 

The chemistry I thought we had while talking, it was nothing compared to what I feel right now. His firm touch on my back makes me feel both empowered as well as weak just for him. Breathless kisses smudge my lipstick against his handsome face. He’s oblivious or he simply doesn’t care either. What a man. Compared to previous lovers I’ve kissed, this moment is like day and night. 

I was right. Approaching him tonight was either the best or the worst decision of my life so far. I’ve either hit the jackpot, or I’ll wind up broken. Whatever this is, it’s a moment I’ll never forget for as long as I live.

My first kiss with Simon ends moments later, when he pulls away just enough for me to have a better look at him again. Safe in his arms, time seems to stand still while he gazes at me with those steely grey eyes of his. 

“I’m so glad I met you tonight,” he says.

My knees are jelly. The words to answer him evade me. All I can think is ‘me too’, but I force myself to think of a different answer.

“And to think I almost didn’t turn up. Lauren’s invitation was a little last minute,” I respond.

“Lauren has been distracted lately,” he says.

“You know her well?” I ask.

“I’d like to think I do; she’s my daughter.”


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