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51181677Secrets broke her heart… and have now come back from the grave to haunt her.

So far, Lorna Addams’s forties are not what she expected. After a very public embarrassment, she finds it difficult to trust her judgment when it comes to new friendships and dating. She might be willing to give love a second chance when she meets the attractive William Warrick, if only she could come to terms with what her husband did to her and leave it in the past.

How is a humiliated empty nest widow supposed to move on with her life? It’s not like she can develop a sixth sense, séance her ex back, force him to tell her why and give her closure. Or can she?

Book contains: kick-butt women who are considered middle-aged in their forties but who don’t let themselves be defined by a number, paranormal elements (psychics, ghosts, magic, etc), some strong language (nothing too earth-shattering), sexy scenes but they aren’t 50 shades of OMG or anything, and a nice heaping helping of a second chance at first love. Doing midlife right!

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**Cait Sidhe’s Review of Second Chance Magic**

Second Chance Magic by Michelle Pillow is another book in the Paranormal Women’s Fiction by the FAB13. So far I’ve read Sucks to be Me and Wrong Side of Forty. Second Chance Magic fits in that group well with characters that are in their forties and finding themselves again after something big comes and shakes up their life. In the case of Second Chance Magic and Lorna Addams, that very big thing is that her husband dies. Bad enough, right? Now imagine that at the funeral, you find out that your husband of twenty years and the father of your two children had another wife! It’s no wonder that Lorna needed a fresh start.

She gets that new start in Freewild Cove, North Carolina at the Warrick Theater, founded by local businesswoman and suspected witch Julia Warrick. The job came with room and board in a little apartment upstairs of the small theater and was the perfect place for her to start over where no one knew her. That’s where she finds new friends Vivien and Heather and a mysterious ring. What’s even more strange is that Vivien and Heather both discover rings of their own on the same night. When a secret altar and a book written by Julia Warrick over a half-century before is unearthed below the stage, the three women decide to try to get “crafty” and seance dirty husband Glenn back from the grave for answers.

I loved the three characters together. Vivian is a little psychic and Heather sees and talks to her ghostly grandmother Julia. With the addition of Lorna, who seems to be a finder and an erstwhile healer, the power of three is strong with them. There’s a lot of paranormal elements here too, which I love. The enigmatic rings and book are the least of it. There’s also the fact that Heather seems to be able to heal by giving the injury away and there’s also a presence inside the theater. Is it grandma or Glenn, or something much darker that came when they opened the book?

Another PWF book down. I’m highly enjoying this compilation so far! Michelle Pillow’s  Second Chance Magic would rank #2 out of the 3 so far. The paranormal additions are what made this book so fun and I’m glad it was taken a bit further into spooky territory. While the romance with William happened a little too fast and easy for me, I didn’t hate the inclusion. He’s a nice guy and added the necessary distraction.  The Order of Magic series will continue so that Vivian and Heather get their own stories. Second Chance Magic is currently available on Kindle Unlimited so be sure to grab your copy and settle in for an enchanting read!

I give Second Chance Magic 4 of 5 propellers.

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Connect with Michelle M. Pillow



New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author of Romances, Cozy Mysteries, and PWF (Paranormal Women’s Fiction)

Michelle loves to travel and try new things, whether it’s a paranormal investigation of an old Vaudeville Theatre or climbing Mayan temples in Belize. She believes life is an adventure fueled by copious amounts of coffee.

Newly relocated to the American South, Michelle is involved in various film and documentary projects with her talented director husband. She is mom to a fantastic artist. And she’s managed by a dog and cat who make sure she’s meeting her deadlines.

For the most part she can be found wearing pajama pants and working in her office. There may or may not be dancing. It’s all part of the creative process.

Michelle M. Pillow is a multi-published, Internationally Bestselling Author writing in many fiction genres including the Bestselling Dragon-Shifter series Dragon Lords and Captured by a Dragon-Shifter, and the mischievously magical Warlocks MacGregor.

Works also include Lord of the Abyss and Lords of the Var and the National RT award-winning historical Maiden and the Monster.

She loves to hear from readers. Contact her through her website.