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Belladonna’s Heart is now in Audio!! Get your listen on!

The soul of every restaurant is the kitchen, but at Belladonna, the heart is the front of the house.

Nessa and Adam have long reigned as the most-envied and most-aspired-to couple at Belladonna. And as warm and welcoming as they’ve made the restaurant experience for its customers, the queen and king of the front of the house want nothing more than to add a little patron of their own to nurture, as well.

When the long-deferred dream of having a child becomes the number one priority for the host and hostess with the mostest, Adam and Nessa must face the fact that putting their careers before family for so long might mean it’s too late for the one dream they still haven’t achieved.

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The Wickedcoolflight Crew

Fly Girl’s Review

This is the sixth book in Teresa’s One of the Boys series and is not a stand alone. I really can’t stress enough about that fact. Now if you’ve read the rest of the series, you’ll really enjoy this–contrary to my rating. Keep reading to find out why. The narrator is good for this one and I like her voice as Nessa. She uses several vocal changes that distinctly portray the different characters. It made the dialogue very easy to follow. Perhaps Ms Crumpton will start packaging the series up in both audio and digital so you can catch up or read the story from beginning to end.

Belladonna’s heart really is Nessa, their front of the house person. She’s the one that keeps it moving, the first impression of the restaurant and even I dare say the face of it. Her story is very important to the whole series because of her relationship with one of the cooks, her husband works there, and her position in it. I’m glad hers is being told and I love the direction it is going. I’m just not really thrilled with how short this book is. I think she deserves more and it should have gone further into their process of conceiving than it did.

This one is gut wrenching. This one will hit you and if you don’t cry, you have no empathy. While I know this is a story, I know someone who went through this exact scenario and I did not realize everything she was going through. With that said I feel like a sh**t friend. I’m sure Nessa’s tale is accurate because I know others as well that have gone through invetro, just not as close to. This book made me feel like a heel. I wish the things in the book were more widely known so others could have empathy for the situation and realize the self-esteem toll it takes to go through supported conceiving. If you are someone out there going through this, reach out to your friends for a self esteem check and support when it feels like too much and your spouse can’t take anymore.

Back to the story. She does a great job of keeping you involved in the story and getting a perspective from the male side also. It gives you a full picture of what this couple is going through. I’m anxious to see where their tale goes in the continuation of the series. Finally, she throws us a curve ball at the end that makes it a major cliff hanger. You all know my thoughts on this. Happy reading and let us know what you think by posting in the comments. Do you agree with me or not? I can take it.

3.5 of 5 Propellers