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Colt Atwood is going places, leaving the small town of Dillon Creek in his past after tragedy strikes. Anywhere but home, he searches for ways to fix the holes where the wind blows through him—and he fails time and time again.

It isn’t until Colt gets injured and returns home to face his family, his brothers, and the reasons he left in the first place that he realizes that only she can fix the wind.


It was easy for Anna Cain to leave Dillon Creek for college in the city. After she and Colt made love and he left, she needed something to take her away from the only place she’s ever known.

Anna doesn’t expect to go back home to Dillon Creek, but when she’s made an offer she can’t refuse, she knows she has to take it. Go back to face the pieces of her broken family, to the tragedy she left behind, and him—the only man who always said she was more.

Will Colt and Anna be able to repair what went so terribly wrong, or will they go down in the storm they started all those years ago?

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NICUnurse’s Review of Taking Anna by J. Lynn Bailey

J. Lynn Bailey is a new to me author but I’m always on the hunt for new authors that I fall in love with their writing style and their characters. Taking Anna is the first book in her all-new Dillon Creek series and is a contemporary, second chance romance. 

Dillon Creek, California is your typical small town. Everyone knows everyone. Everyone knows everyone’s history. And everyone is in everyone’s business. Anna and Colt grew up as best friends that slowly became more. But when tragedy struck this small town and Colt’s family, the far-reaching ramifications tore them apart. Now a famous NBA star who’s recovering from a pretty severe injury, Colt’s come home to recover. Can they face their past and move on, or will the past be too much to overcome?

Now, I’ve never read any other of this author’s books so I don’t know if it’s a new style or her typical style of writing, but there was also a secondary story unfolding amongst the older generation of this town. I was a little confused at first, but after a few chapters, I was really drawn into this secondary plot and cast of characters.

NICUnurse’s Rating: I love small-town romances and I love second chance romances. So when you put them together, I get a little excited. And when the author doesn’t write the story the way I think it will go, that’s even better. While Anna and Colt’s story did eventually end up where I thought it would, this author had a lot more to their story than breaking up and making up. Beyond the HEA, Taking Anna takes you on a journey of grief and how grieving looks different in each of us. There were times I was literally crying real tears over how this one tragedy shook this tiny town and everyone that lives there. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to book two!

I give Taking Anna by J. Lynn Bailey 4 out of 5 propellers!

Connect with J. Lynn Bailey

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J. Lynn is a bestselling author who hates to talk about herself. Loathes it.

More importantly, she’s the mother of two beautiful children and a wife to her high school sweetheart. She’s also a mother of two extremely needy cats, Leo and Vinni, and an Australian Shepherd named Grizz.

She lives with her family in a small town tucked away in the redwood forest, located on California’s northern coast.