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I had the pleasure of listening to A Cold Dark Place by Toni Anderson. I’ll be honest since I’ve never read or listened to anything from Toni so I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the story. As you guys know I’m pretty picky on who and what I listen too. That said I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It was right up my alley-I love a good suspense/thriller. Eric G. Dove the narrator who I thought was the narrator for the Richard Castle novels, but is not, did a great job. I really didn’t want to stop listening when I needed to work on other things like writing. And as soon as I could listen again I was. Which is when I know I’m enjoying the story.

The book is read and most likely written in third person and only read by Eric, which is fine I’m just used to listening to multi narrations for the most part. But that once I got used to Eric’s voice I was right in the story. And I love how the story goes between Alex, Malory and the killer. Those are some of my favorite thrillers.

As for the story itself it doesn’t disappoint. I’m always down to listen to a cop suspense and this one hit that on the head. So if you like watching Criminal Minds, Numb3rs and the like then you’ll enjoy this story. I will warn you if you can’t handle woman being abused in anyway then this isn’t the story for you. As many Serial Killer plots go woman are the victims and this story follows in that line of thought.

There are many twist and turns along the way and Malory the main female FBI agent is at the center of everything. I’m not going to do any spoilers so all I can say is trust no one. Even as I listen and know it’s not this character or that one I still don’t trust any of them which is saying something since my normal day job has be working with law enforcement at times. Granted I write about dirty cops and FBI agents too so what can I say.

The only negative I have is that A Cold Dark Place is only on Kobo, I’m an audible listener so listening on a different platform had me off my game. So hopefully at some point Toni will have it up on audible because it’s one of those books I’d listen to again.

For our suspense/thriller readers/listeners this is a book you need to pick up and if you like it here are a few other authors/series you’ll enjoy.
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