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A Sweet Rom-Com where two people find their way to each other in the oddest way…Who thought a bullet journal could be romantic??…Read and see for yourself!!!

All Haley Bowman has ever wanted was her One True Love. But now, with her cousin getting married and Haley back in her small town, the pressure is on. Good thing she’s got a foolproof Kiss List, full of potential OTLs. Her parents knew they were soul mates at their first kiss, so surely Haley will know the same. All she needs to do is…well, kiss each of these guys…

Enter Max Gallagher: bane of Haley’s existence, her nemesis since childhood, and, unfortunately, as a local, her way in with all the guys on the Kiss List. Max wants nothing to do with love and certainly nothing to do with Haley, but he can clear the way for her to get to know the guys on the list. Of course, he wants something in return: to be made a partner in Haley’s family’s business. One kiss for relinquishing her hold-out vote on Max.

But the more time Max and Haley spend together, the clearer it is that there’s a paper-thin line between love and hate. Max will have to decide between the job he’s always dreamed of or the girl of his dreams before his fate is sealed with someone else’s kiss.


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The Wickedcoolflight Crew

Fly Girl’s Review:

This one hits all the buttons, unique, HEA, sweet, easy to read. The love interests are refreshingly adult figures in this one. There are only childish antics by the others involved. I really like that. It’s a real life journey for the two of them that I totally could have seen myself having–Only my hubby was a one night stand…Lasted me 20+ years though!!!

Sonya creates a wonderful enemies to lovers in this one, however, it isn’t the enemies to lovers where there has been something hurtful between them.  No, this is more of a competitive enemy situation. The one-upmanship of their youth has clouded their judgement of one another to the point it feels like they are enemies. In reality they respect a lot about each other, but are unwilling to accept it or voice it.

The Kiss List is just a bullet journal of men she thinks could be her soulmate and Max is just the conduit to figure out which one. Max acts as her wingman to great disappointment. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, so I’ll leave it there.

If you are into sweet romance and comedy, this one is definitely for you. Sonya’s prose are easy to read and she invents love and romance from everyday things. I mean who really thought a Bullet Journal would bring people together? I certainly didn’t think Bullet Journalling would go this far…Help organize someone, sure; keep a person on track for success, sure; visualize your goals, yes; but romance?!? You’ll have to check it out for yourself to decide. If you want to share your thoughts, we’d love to hear them in the comments.

This is definitely a 4 of 5 because as you know, it’s hitting me in all the right places. In all fairness, I’ve had a rough week, so this was soothing to my soul.  Happy Valentine’s Day my passengers!!!!

Rating: 4 of 5 Propellers

Connect with Sonya Weiss

Sonya Weiss writes contemporary romance and young adult novels. She believes that every love story deserves a happy ending.

She’s the author of several series including: Stealing the Heart, Fire and Sparks, Seduced by Love and the Tazavorn trilogy.

Sonya is represented by Eva Scalzo at the Speilburg Literary Agency.